Saturday * October 25th 2014

Mind Your Own Business?


Today was Wednesday, so I went thrift store shopping at the Goodwill where blue tags were 50% off and Senior Day purchases were 30% off.  All-in-all a good deal.  It seems that when I go on Wednesday it’s either “feast or famine.”  Today was certainly the mother lode of “feast.”  I found a sofa cover for one of my RV sofa’s, some great kitchen items, and leaded crystal Pinot Noir glasses with the stamp Mikasa.

My cart was full of goodies, and the store manager told me to pull up near the door since the carts have the vertical pole so you can’t get out the door.  No problem.  I took the first bag to my Honda CR-V and moved it in the walkway near the door.

As I was getting out of my car, a guy parked next to me in a handicapped space started giving me “attitude” as well as grief.  It started with

Him:  “You can’t park there.”

Me:  “I’m just picking up my bags, and I’ll just be a minute.”

Him:  “That’s not a space – you’re gonna get a ticket if a cop comes by.”

Me:  “Uh, no – the MANAGER told me to park here to load my bags.”

Him:  “Well, you still can’t do that.”

Me:  “I think you need to mind your own business.”

I told the manager and he helped me carry my bags to the car.  Gee – what IS it with some people?  He was sitting in his car in a handicapped space probably waiting on his wife.  He was on oxygen and had a motorized cart on the back of his car.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry he’s in poor health.  However, that’s no reason to “light into” me – especially when I was just doing what the store manager told me.

It was much the same in the “dysfunctional” RV group that I recently belonged to.  Isn’t there anything better for these sad people to do?  I suppose I just need to start ignoring jerks and idiots.

What IS it with some people?  Just sayin’…

Update:  Some people just don’t know how to read (obviously).  I received a “snippy” comment from a woman who apparently believed I parked in a handicapped space.  Again, I parked in the STRIPED WALKWAY to load items into my car with the manager’s suggestion.  I still stand firm in that it was none of the man’s business.  I wasn’t hurting him, and he obviously had nothing better to do than try to “fluff my feathers.”

And please, don’t get me started on people who have a handicapped plate/tag and misuse it or don’t need one at all.  A person (once again from the unmentioned RV group) was able to ride his motorcycle in the desert and hike, but pulled out what he called his “handi-crapper” tag for premier parking. 

Carry on…


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Lazy Daze!

Rain Drops on Leaf

Gee, it’s almost Halloween and I haven’t posted at all…

It’s not that I haven’t been busy – I just returned home from Yuma, AZ to take delivery on a 1998 Lazy Daze 26.5 mid-bath RV.  It’s pretty perfect, if I don’t say so myself.  I looked long and hard, and a couple from Chico, CA who recently relocated to Borrego Springs, CA met me in Yuma, AZ .  The RV is in meticulous condition.  It has 67,000 miles, and only 160 hours on the generator.   The sellers were “super nice” and even dumped the tanks and filled the gas tank before delivery.

It’s the RV of my dreams…

Now I’m in the “big league” and I’m going to have my Honda CR-V connected so I can tow.  I drove 450 miles from Winterhaven, CA before stopping in Deming, NM for the night.  I was within “striking distance” of Las Cruces, NM, but heavy rain and wind dictated that I camp out in Wal*Mart.  I have insurance, and transferred the title and plates today.  Yes, I’ve been BUSY!

On a different note…

The first night after taking delivery I boondocked at the “Q” (Quechan) casino just over the California border on the road to Algodones, Mexico.  I went into the casino and was up about $60.00 (minimum bet).  There was a promotion of 350 points and you got a “gift.”  I didn’t realize that I had 15 point from long ago.  So, when I said I had 350 points I was told I need 15 more for the day.  I was somewhat reluctant to gamble more since I was happy with my $60.00.

However, to make a long story short – on a 30 cent bet I hit a $319.00 jackpot.  Not only did I get a wine saver, but I made about $350.00 as well.  Needless to say, I was a happy camper!  :-)

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Red Chile Ristras

Today is the first day of autumn…

Somehow, somewhere there’s meaning in the changing of the seasons (and our lives).  It’s not that I hate autumn – on the contrary there are parts of it that I dearly love.  However, there’s always a certain sadness that I feel when the days grow cooler and shorter.

In a world where I like to be feel I’m in control, I know I’m not.  However, I DO have faith (albeit a shaky one) that God/Spirit/Universe has an eye on me, and that my life is unfolding exactly as it should.  The events of this past summer certainly took a toll on me, and shook my faith to the core.  On the other hand, I’m glad to know who my true friends are and when “push comes to shove” who will stand beside me.

I have a faithful dog as a long term companion, and true friends who love me.  I can ask for nothing else…

Speaking of change(s)…

In the past, I would be somewhat cautious about writing about something before it “came to pass.”  However, if I truly believe and have faith it’s all a moot point.

I’ve found a Lazy Daze (Class C) 26.5 mid-bath to replace my Toyota Dolphin.  The owners are the type that want to share their RV with someone who appreciates it as much as they do.  The RV is promised to me, and I’ll be picked it up (somewhere in California) between the first two weeks of October.  I love the floor plan, as the rear area is like a little “living room.”  The owners are the second ones, and the RV is in excellent mechanical shape.

The RV is set up for towing, and I’ve decided upon what to buy to have installed.  (OK, I had a little help from the Yahoo! Groups Lazy Daze site and Andy Baird.)  The mobile RV guy here in Las Cruces will install the towing equipment, as well as transfer my solar panel, etc…

Needless to say, I’m excited.

Cali Update…

Cali is doing amazingly well after her two surgeries this past summer.  Strangely, her arthritis has all but seemed to have disappeared.  I’ve thought about introducing another dog into the mix, but we’re so bonded to each other I don’t know if that would work well.  Cali never lets me out of her sight, and sleeps pressed up against me every night.  I’m hoping for the best with some time for new adventures with her…


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