Sunday * August 20th 2017


Gee, we ALL need a little inspiration don’t we?

I’m feeling more than a little “ho-hum” these days.  When the temperatures climb, all I want to do is have a cool drink and chill-lax in the air conditioning.  I’ve been trying to “get out of Dodge,” but I seem to need to take care of “business.”  Luna my new fur-girl just got spayed, and I had a doctor appointment for a med-check.  This coming week I have a dental appointment and then I should be FREE.

The weather isn’t cooperating and one day this coming week the high is going to be 109 degrees.  🙁   I’ve decided to wait until the daily high is “hoovering” around 100 degrees and then “hit the road.”  I’m planning to take a “slow stroll” to Bend, Oregon to attend Uke U-6.

Blogging vs. Vlogging

Learning never ends – I know this as a former educator.  Somehow, I feel that the future of blogging is on it’s way to extinction.  I’m in awe of many of the folks that blog on a day-to-day basis, but many of the people I once knew (and the memes) blogging have fallen to the wayside.

That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up my blog tomorrow, but I “do” want to try my hand at YouTube Vlogging – i.e. video blogging.  It’s a whole new skill-set that I’ll need to learn, but somehow that’s a challenge and exciting to me.

Let me be clear – I’m doing this for personal reasons and not to make $$$.  Actually, I’m more than a little turned off by what I call the concept of “eBegging.”  In my opinion, there are way too many mediocre Patreon “creators” who expect virtually “something for nothing.”  Sorry, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!


So, I bought a new (but older model) Canon Camcorder on eBay.  So far I’ve developed my LOGO!  🙂

youtuberoadiconHopefully, I’ll learn the in’s and out’s of video editing…

Strange Business Venture…

Yes, I’m retired.  No, I’m not wealthy by any means of the word.  However, I *think* I’ve found a way to combine my love for thrift store shopping to possibly upgrade to a “bigger and better” ukulele.  I’m starting a little business of retro Hawaiian shirts to possibly sell at Ukulele Festivals (and dance rallies with Hawaiian theme nights).

I’m going into the shirt business!

The money that I make (if any) will go into a fund to buy a better ukulele.  So far, I have twenty-five (25) shirts that I’ve put into my “inventory.”  Some of the shirts are “retro” and from Hawaii.


That’s all for now.  I’m looking forward to summer travels and learning new things!

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