Tuesday * January 27th 2015

A Bicycle Dilemma…


When I sold my Toyota Dolphin, I took my bicycle off the hitch receiver in the back and stored it in my garage.  The chain was rusty, so I took some WD-40 and cleaned it, then lubed the chain.  However, something was still amiss…

I took my bike to a local bike shop and found several components on my bicycle were destroyed – probably due to someone hitting me in the rear in a parking lot and causing the damage.  The cost of repairs outweighed the overall cost of the bicycle.  :-(

The guy at the bike shop was nice, and took off my “extras.”  (bell, kickstand, etc…)  I asked if their was a place that the bike shop donated bikes, parts, etc…  Yes there was!  So, at least to have a good feeling I donated the bicycle and the working parts will be cannibalized to create complete bicycles for children.  :-)

Since I had sold my Toyota Dolphin (and switched insurance), I didn’t feel I could submit any sort of claim.

Also, since I’ve “upgraded” to a different RV and spent lots of money I don’t feel I can afford to buy a bike at this time.  I’ll save my money, and when I can afford it a new bicycle will be mine.  I do need a bicycle with an adjustable handlebar, since I’ve had two wrist surgeries (right wrist) and comfort is mandatory to ride.  I’ve got my eye on a Specialized Expedition Sport Low Entry

You’d think I’d be somewhat depressed about the situation, but “it is what it is.”  At least the parts are going to a good cause…

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The Cali Report…


My Best Girl!

As many of you know, Calamity Jane (a.k.a. “Cali”) is my terrier-mix (probably with a poodle) that I adopted thirteen years ago from the local animal shelter here in Las Cruces.  She’s always been a happy girl, although at times she’s a little naughty.

Last summer she had two surgeries for a fast growing malignant soft tissue sarcoma.  She’s old and has some soft “lumpy bumpies,” but this one was hard and different.  While the surgery was successful, I still worried.

Recently, Cali has developed a cough with gagging at the end.  She’s a food “gulper,” so I wasn’t too worried.  However, when the cough became more frequent I made an appointment with the vet.  Sadly, Cali also has developed canine osteoarthritis.  She has bad days and good days.  The bad days involved licking her right front paw, limping, and sometimes crying out in pain from moving.  I had stopped giving her Dasuquin, and only gave her a Previcox when she seemed to be in distress.

I found out at the vet that the coughing was due to seasonal allergies.  It’s very strange, but lately my allergies seem to be much better (and Cali’s do too).

The vet gave me some tips on pain management, and said that once Cali is in distress it takes much longer for her to rebound from the pain if I give her medication “after the fact.”  So, now I’ve re-introduced the Dasuquin and she’s on a daily dose of Previcox.  The vet also gave me a prescription for Tramadol.  We decided that if she’s having a really “bad day” I should give her a Tramadol in addition to the other medications.

At thirteen, my “best girl” deserves to be comfortable and pain free.  The medications “don’t come cheap,” but I can’t put a price on the companionship and love Cali gives me.  She’s already “bounced back” to her old self after two days on daily Previcox.

In addition, Cali showed no signs of tumor re-occurrence at the vet.  Her heart was strong and her lungs were clear.  Did I say that I love my girl?

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The Unveiling…

I purchased the Lazy Daze in October, but it’s been undergoing a “facelift.” 


My new (to me) 1998 Lazy Daze (26.5 mid-bath)

Larry Blevins (Larry’s RV and Marine Service) here in Las Cruces did all of the “installs” for me.  (By the way, he’s AMAZING and a nice guy if you ever need any work done.)  He has a mobile RV service, but there was such a “laundry list” he decided to take the RV to his house to do the work.

“The List”

Wow, is that a lot of work or what?

RV12Yes, she’s waited a LONG time for the perfect RV!

What?  You want to see more?  OK!

RV08Yep, that’s the “driver’s seat!”

RV01Rear lounge sofa…

RV05Rear lounge sofa…

RV02Rear lounge with my Christmas Tree! 

RV03TV, Blu-Ray Player, and XM radio…

RV06Dining area…

RV07Kitchen area…


A “lofty” sort of sleeping area…

Larry gave me a “crash” course in RV towing (no pun intended)!

A couple of days ago when Larry brought the RV back to me, he graciously gave me a short course in towing my Honda CR-V.  He had me drive the RV and see where it was in the back-up camera, and had me hitch and un-hitch the car several times.  I’m still a little nervous, but I’m confident I can do it!

The “thank you” part…

I have to say that I truly have the RV of my dreams – one that I trust is reliable and tailored to suit my needs.  I waited a long time, but everything eventually “fell into place.”  The RV, the previous owners (Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith), my super-duper service guy Larry Blevins, and God/Spirit/Universe for putting me in the right place at the right time.  Good things “do” come to those who wait.

I’m happy, I’m thankful, and…



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