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Red Chile Ristras

Today is the first day of autumn…

Somehow, somewhere there’s meaning in the changing of the seasons (and our lives).  It’s not that I hate autumn – on the contrary there are parts of it that I dearly love.  However, there’s always a certain sadness that I feel when the days grow cooler and shorter.

In a world where I like to be feel I’m in control, I know I’m not.  However, I DO have faith (albeit a shaky one) that God/Spirit/Universe has an eye on me, and that my life is unfolding exactly as it should.  The events of this past summer certainly took a toll on me, and shook my faith to the core.  On the other hand, I’m glad to know who my true friends are and when “push comes to shove” who will stand beside me.

I have a faithful dog as a long term companion, and true friends who love me.  I can ask for nothing else…

Speaking of change(s)…

In the past, I would be somewhat cautious about writing about something before it “came to pass.”  However, if I truly believe and have faith it’s all a moot point.

I’ve found a Lazy Daze (Class C) 26.5 mid-bath to replace my Toyota Dolphin.  The owners are the type that want to share their RV with someone who appreciates it as much as they do.  The RV is promised to me, and I’ll be picked it up (somewhere in California) between the first two weeks of October.  I love the floor plan, as the rear area is like a little “living room.”  The owners are the second ones, and the RV is in excellent mechanical shape.

The RV is set up for towing, and I’ve decided upon what to buy to have installed.  (OK, I had a little help from the Yahoo! Groups Lazy Daze site and Andy Baird.)  The mobile RV guy here in Las Cruces will install the towing equipment, as well as transfer my solar panel, etc…

Needless to say, I’m excited.

Cali Update…

Cali is doing amazingly well after her two surgeries this past summer.  Strangely, her arthritis has all but seemed to have disappeared.  I’ve thought about introducing another dog into the mix, but we’re so bonded to each other I don’t know if that would work well.  Cali never lets me out of her sight, and sleeps pressed up against me every night.  I’m hoping for the best with some time for new adventures with her…


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Rainy Rose

All my life I’ve been sad…

That’s not to say I’m not a functional human being – it just says that I’m more sensitive and “feel” more than (I think) the average person does…

This summer was in my opinion a complete wash. 

Seriously, I feel like I was cheated out of a summer of my life.  I take full responsibility, but there were also circumstances that were beyond my control.

My lovely girl Cali had a “lumpy bumpy” that she didn’t have when I left home in June.  In August I took her to a vet in Lincoln City, Oregon.  The needle aspiration showed that it wasn’t another fatty tumor (she has others), and somehow I knew it was something bad.  The vet removed the tumor surgically, and the pathology report confirmed the bad news.  It was a malignant (stage 3) soft tissue sarcoma.

The surgery completely excised the tumor, but the clean edges were “tight.”  The vet basically read my mind, and I opted for a second surgery to widen the “clean” edges.

Cali will be thirteen next month. 

As I type this, I’m pressing at my eyes fighting the tears.  I know that Cali won’t live forever (everything dies), but I need her for a while longer.  Either this sounds terribly pathetic, or painfully real – but I NEED her.  I think only dog lovers understand, but she’s been a comforting and stabilizing force in my life.

I lost my first “real dog of my own” to canine kidney disease.  I never thought I’d let another dog into my home, let alone into my heart.  However, after visiting the local humane society many times there was a litter of puppies.  I saw Cali, and picked her up.  She sighed and fell asleep in my hands.

I knew she was “the one.”

There are things I could say on this blog about my birth, growing up, and my life now.  Some of those things are so very personal and the average person wouldn’t understand.   Let me just say that in some very significant ways I feel I was born under a dark cloud and never expect to be truly happy or “normal.”  I’m not being melodramatic when I say this – it’s just the way it is…

I learned a harsh lesson this summer…

A person I trusted and thought to be my friend showed her true colors to me this summer.  I had always tried to be helpful to her by assisting her with computer issues, etc…  She would always sign her e-mails to me, “Love, me and the mutt.”

While at a gathering this summer she asked me to help her with a computer related issue.  As I sat beside her with her laptop, I could see her e-mails.  I didn’t go “snooping.”

However, I was horrified when I saw an e-mail she had written to another RV group member that included some pretty disparaging comments about me.  I didn’t react immediately.  I helped her with her issue, and she invited me for a Bloody Mary and a game of Scrabble.

I confronted her about the e-mail. 

Her response was that “No one likes you in the XYZ group.”  I was so hurt and told her that I didn’t care who liked me and left.  I cried.  I cried because someone who I had helped numerous times and thought to be my friend actually didn’t care a flip about me.  I cried because I had been so stupid and trusted this individual.

It doesn’t end there…

There was a gathering of the XYZ RV Club later that summer.  There was a limit of seventy individuals that could attend, and I turned in my intention and was told the gathering was full.  I can’t say for sure, but I strongly suspect that this person’s “influence” kept me from attending.  I even said that I would park at another location and just come over for the evening meeting, but she apparently made sure I was “denied.”

We all want to be liked, but at what cost?

When all is said and done it’s really fine.  I don’t want to be around hateful people who have nothing else to do but “be hateful.”  In the past, I would have tried to “get even,” but God/Karma/Universe will eventually settle the debt.  I can’t say that I didn’t cry and was deeply hurt, but I can’t be a hateful person.

What is true…

There are hateful and even evil people in the world.  They may have their “heyday” for the time being, but eventually God/Karma/Universe will catch up to them.  Seriously, it’s not my battle.

Am I always “loveable?”  Probably not, since I’m human with all of the failings of other humans.  However, am I a caring and sensitive person?  I’m not always perfect but my heart is in the right place.  Sometimes I fail, but I always try to “make it right.”

Each day is a new beginning…

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A Bump in the Road…

Traveling doesn’t come without challenges…

I broke away from the WIN group in my summer travels to visit some tango communities and improve my dancing.  As in regular life (as opposed to RV life), there are people who are authentic and true, and people that have ulterior motives.  There are some kind souls in the group, but in life not everyone “plays fair” and/or are the type of people you want (or actually need) as friends.  People will make assumptions about you based on their own inferiority – sad but true.  I do better in small groups where folks don’t all try to be “the boss” and go out of their way to gossip about individuals.

Bless them and move on…

Cali had surgery…


Cali has to wear an e-Collar for a week or so – she is NOT amused.


The “ow-ies.”

When we left home in early June, Cali was fine.  However, I noticed a rapidly growing mass under her left arm/shoulder that was the size of an egg.  Not wanting to wait until we returned home, I had a vet in Lincoln City needle aspirate the mass.  Fatty tumors are common in older dogs and Cali has one one her chest that has been checked.  However, while there were fatty cells, there were also suspicious ones.

Instead of sending a sample off to biopsy, I decided to have it removed and then biopsied.  Last Thursday Cali had surgery and I think it went well.  She had the mass in question completely removed (and sent to biopsy), as well as a hard nodule inside the fatty tumor on her chest that had been checked and benign.  She also had an eyelid tumor removed that the vet said could be problematic later.

Needless to say, I was a complete wreck.  I’m away from home, all on my own, and had visions of losing my best girl and driving home alone.  The vet has a good feeling about the biopsy, and said even it was something “bad,” she felt it was self-contained and she removed it completely.

Taking care…

I’m a little “rough around the proverbial edges” with this total experience, so I’ve decided to take care of myself.  I’m in Eugene dancing tango, and this coming weekend I’m attending a Richard Council workshop in Newport.  I decided a massage is in order, so I’ve scheduled one for Tuesday afternoon.  While life is unpredictable, all one can do is have faith and forge on…

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