Saturday * May 27th 2017

The Land of Enchantment…


Spring has Sprung in the Desert Southwest…

I have a love for New Mexico – I suppose that’s why I moved here in 1996 much to the surprise of my family and friends.  There’s R.O.O.M. here – it’s not like the congestion of many states with large cities.  When I traveled to Texas for basically the month of April, I felt “safe” when I was back on terra firma.

RV Duties…

Shame on me, but I parked my RV out in front of my house for about five days (I paid for it, the birds dirtied on it under the tree that I parked).  Today, I filled up with gasoline ($2.13 at Sam’s Club), drove to Leasburg State Park and dumped my tanks, and then parked it at my storage facility.  It’s outside storage, but I can’t complain too much because the rate equals out to $1.00/day.

I then made an appointment with Bogart’s RV for May 16th to have the “once over” check done.  Strangely, even though Cali was older when traveling before I lost her, I’m a little more “nervous” about traveling all alone and like to keep up on maintenance issues.

Summer Travels…

My heart isn’t into summer travels.  However, I don’t want to stay home all summer and experience the heat here in Las Cruces.  I don’t want to travel far (i.e. Pacific Northwest), but I want options.

So, today I bought a New Mexico State Park Camping Pass.  Since I’m a resident AND qualify for senior status, the pass for a year (actually 13 months since it expires on the last day of the month) I paid the amazing fee of $100.00.  The fee will allow me to enter and dry camp any New Mexico State Park.  If the weather turns warm (or too cold), electricity is an extra fee of $4.00/night.

It was kind of a “no-brainer.”

I’ve lived here for over twenty years, but there’s much of New Mexico I haven’t explored.  It look’s like 2017-2018 is going to be the time frame!  🙂  I’m especially wanting to explore the northern part of the state, and now with my park pass I’ll be able to do just that!

Cheyenne Frontier Days…

The other “out of state” venture that I may take this summer is to attend the annual “Cheyenne Frontier Days.”  The event is from July 21-30, 2017, and is big fun with a free pancake breakfast, parade, and lots of other fun events.  I’m trying to coordinate meeting up with some Escapees to experience the event.  The last time I was there I “boondocked” at the VFW that was right on a bike path.

I’m “OK,” but sometimes struggle…

Yes, my friends – I’m genuinely feeling the loss of my “best girl” after a 15 1/2 year run.  Cali loved me and I loved her.  However, there’s a “circle of life” and nothing lasts forever.  Deep down in my heart of hearts I know that, but it doesn’t make losing her easier.

At this point and time, I’m going to TRY to celebrate what we had together and be thankful for the time we spent together.  Some days are better than others…

At this point (today) I don’t want another dog.  I’m not saying that I’ll never have another dog, but the loss is too fresh to fully love another dog that isn’t Cali.  I want to travel to Buenos Aires, and it wouldn’t be fair to leave a new pup while I did that.  I don’t want another dog to “take the place” – I want my heart and mind to be open so I can fully accept and love a new canine companion.  I hope it happens someday, but I realize it may take a long time (if ever).

However, I’m sad but fine.  Tears come and go.  I’m sincerely trying to take it “day-by-day,” and embrace the gifts in the here and now.  I’d be a fool to deny that in life we experience what Judith Viorst wrote about as “necessary losses.”  It’s not so much the loss we experience in our lives, but how we adapt, grow, and survive them.

Little do you know, that short replies give me the “strength of spirit” to accept, believe, and move forward…

And for that I’m thankful…

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