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Experiencing Peace…


This is a concrete statue of a Buddha that I bought a few years ago.  The red metal in the background is from an old running board that I found while “exploring” on the Oregon Coast.  Sometimes, in the early evening I like to sit in my backyard with incense and a glass of wine and relax near the statue.

No, I’m not actually a Buddhist.  However, I think many lessons can be learned from this great teacher.  I’m not going to use this post for spiritual philosophy, but having this in my backyard brings me great peace.

I wrote a protected post about some “unfortunate” things that happened to me.  I encountered some very jealous people, had some very expensive auto and RV bills, and had my faith shaken.  Believe it or not, the worst was having my faith shaken.  I was exhausted and “the light at the end of the tunnel” seemed a million light-years away.

A “growing edge” for me is to realize that not all people are friendly (or even rational).  Mean-spirited people are a part of life, and I owe it to myself to realize and cut off toxic relationships immediately.  What I find more difficult though is to forgive those who intentionally hurt me.  My first inclination is revenge – hurt those who hurt me just as much.  However, that reduces me to a hateful, lonely person and I have no desire to be such a pitiful soul.  Therefore, I choose to forgive (I can’t say I approve of behavior or forget).

I was afraid for a short time that I would become a recluse.  I’d stay at home and build an invisible fortress around my heart and soul – letting no one in.

That’s just not who I am…

I have a home, an “acceptable” retirement income (even though I cashed out an annuity to buy the Lazy Daze and had to pay the I.R.S. and the State of New Mexico this year), caring cyber friends, great neighbors, and a 13 1/2 year old wonder dog named Cali.  I suffer from an anxiety disorder, but it’s usually controllable.  I “am” thankful for all the good things in my life.

I’ve beat myself up for the mistake I made with my car.  However, I was distracted by the yammering of someone who wouldn’t quit.  It surprises me though because a negative of my anxiety disorder is that I’m a “checker” – I check door locks, etc…

Life goes on and as far as I know this is the only “go round.”  I’ll be fine due to the grace of God/Spirit/Universe and a “little help from my true friends.”

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Protected: Thoughts on Life…

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The Cure for Anything…

morningmoonsmallMy cyber buddy Lisa has a blog which has the title of the Isak Dinesen quote.  To be quite honest, I never pondered upon the true meaning of those words.  However, for me in the time I’ve spent here on the beach in Puerto Peñasco I’ve found them to be true.

In the two months I’ve been here, I’ve been “seeking out my bliss.”  I’ve joined a couple of social groups that meet for drinks and dinner, and have become fast friends with a couple from Prince George, British Columbia.  I’m exercising (on an outside patio facing the ocean) three times a week, and have indulged in pedicures with some massages booked.

The American Legion AND the Playa Bonita RV park (next door) play Bingo (on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively).  To be honest I’ve never been much of a Bingo fan, but both places play “Shooter Bingo.”  There are six games with the last being blackout or coverall.  After someone wins a game, the caller calls a “shooter number.”  If you have that number on your card, you either get a shot of tequila or a small chocolate candy.  I won the blackout game at the American Legion, and one of the games at Playa Bonita.  :-)  It’s great fun.

Cali has thrived, and it’s a joy to see her romp on the beach chasing pelicans and introducing herself to other dogs out for beach walks.

I’ve had a sun drop made for my awning, so now I have a pleasant patio to sit and watch the ocean.  Next week, I’ve having the two sofas in my Lazy Daze recovered.  After much pondering, I’ve decided upon a light tan “pleather” (vinyl leather).

I had my 63rd birthday last Sunday, and my friend Al took me out to dinner at what I think is the best restaurant in Puerto Peñasco – Chef Mickey’s.  My new Canadian friends came along too, making for a very pleasant evening.

Please forgive me for not posting, but the truth is I’m healing in the “salt water.”  Seriously…


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