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Flowers – (Wordless Wednesday)

The secret life of flowers…

The secret life of flowers...

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Earth Day 2014

Today is Earth Day – a day set aside to honor the Earth.


As many individuals who inhabit this planet, I take our lovely “home” so much for granted.  However, today in celebration of Earth Day, part of the Episcopal Church liturgy not so gently nudges my consciousness.

The Great Thanksgiving: Eucharistic Prayer C:

At your command all things came to be: the vast expanse of interstellar space, galaxies, suns, the planets in their courses, and this fragile earth, our island home.

I’ve personally dubbed this Eucharistic prayer – the Star Wars liturgy.   However, I always seem to get a little chill when I hear this form of the Eucharistic prayer in church.

In honor of Earth Day, I give you some of my past photos (in no particular orders) that make me want to honor the earth as well as confirm my belief in a Supreme Being.

Autumn Afternoon

Sunlight and Aspens – Utah

Needles Overlook

Needles Overlook – Utah

Seventh on 07/07/07

Crater Lake – Oregon

Hat Lake

Hat Lake – California

Shrimp Boat at Sunset

Shrimp Boat at Sunset – Mexico

Field of JoyField of Joy – Colorado

DuskDusk – Massachusetts

Please join me in taking a moment of thanks for our amazing planet…

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Keeping the Dolphin…

for now…

Claret Cup Single Bloom

Claret Cup Cactus Blooming in my Backyard!

I’ve decided (after having unfruitful experiences finding another RV) that I’m going to keep the Dolphin.  Heck, I’ve had tons of work done on it and know it top to bottom.  This week I spent almost half of my “newly deposited” Social Security check buying new coach batteries and having my mobile RV tech fix my Maxx-Air fan.  He also sealed a ceiling leak, and fine-tuned the door lock I had replaced last summer.

Wednesday, I made an appointment in El Paso to have new leaf springs added – there goes the other half of my check!  Frown  Easter Sunday I spent the day cleaning out “stuff” that I didn’t need, and washed and waxed the outside.  Yep, it’s still a 1985 but one of the best looking ones on the road.  My main concern is that everything works and is safe.  Today I bought a bar adapter for the bicycle hitch, so I can load on my “prissy Purple girly” bike.

I’m very seriously thinking about traveling to Rocky Point soon and having the decals replaced.  Hey, the labor is cheap and I can laze on the beach drinking margaritas.

One day, I’ll find the “perfect” RV, but for now I’m going to be thankful for what I have.  Just like the flower that blooms, my new RV will “bloom” for me at the right time.


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