Tuesday * August 14th 2018

A Recent Metamorphosis…


I’ve been a little “out of sorts” this summer…

I love my town-home in Las Cruces, but I also like to split the time I stay here about 50/50.  So, I got my RV all checked out as well as my Honda CR-V.  I got “stuck” because I actually couldn’t decide where to go.  It seems that summers are increasingly hot EVERYWHERE, and while it’s pretty warm where I live at least I have air conditioning.

It’s also becoming more difficult to travel (for free) to previous venues that once welcomed RV travelers with open arms.  Many casinos are refusing RV’s to stay unless the traveler shows they’ve donated (OK, gambled) a certain amount of money by checking their Players Card.  Even Wal*Mart’s that once could depend on for at least an overnight in transit have “closed their doors” due to travelers taking advantage and staying for lengthy periods, dumping trash, etc…

So, I stayed home…

It’s not “quite the same” as when I was working because I knew I had a “window of opportunity” to travel during the summer and if I didn’t go, the summer would be gone.  Actually, Las Cruces Public Schools staff returned to work this past Wednesday.

The Turning Point…

Sometimes, I fear I’ll become less adventurous and more complacent and be content to just “stay at home.”  However, I know deep down that’s not the “real me.”  I still have that sense of adventure and need to connect with other like-minded people.

I got busy and decided to “bite the bullet” and pay $30.00/night (for DRY camping) to attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with the Escapee Boomers.  I was extremely lucky to get in with the group before the 50 RV cut off.  (Regular RV registration is closed.)  I think I’ll plan on doing a little tour of New Mexico for the month of September and then attend the Balloon Fiesta October 3-14.

My plan for the fall/winter is still to travel to Puerto Penasco and rent a little apartment.

Life is what you make of it, and you have the control to make it “good.”

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