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Three Beautiful Things – 09/22/07


It’s amazing how in the realm of blogging you stumble upon little treasures. I did just that this past week when I followed a comment from my Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt post and found the world of kellogg bloggin’. Raymond (a pen name) has two things on his blog that intrigued me. “Sibling Assignment” and “Three Beautiful Things.” When I asked him about the origins, here is his reply:

I don’t remember how I came upon the Garden of Eden of Three Beautiful Things, but one day I discovered Clare’s blog “Three Beautiful Things”, where the international movement to record three things that have given one pleasure during the day originated. Visit Clare’s blog and you’ll find that she’s inspired quite a few people to jot down Three Beautiful Things each day.

My two sisters and I enjoy writing. One day in November, 2006, my younger sister, Silver Valley Girl, emailed me and InlandEmpireGirl and suggested that we start giving each other weekly writing assignments. At that time, neither of my sisters kept blogs, but they both decided soon after the new year to write blogs and so our weekly assignments are out there for anyone to read. Needless to say, the most fascinating dimension of this project is to see how differently the three of us all see and understand the same things (and how often my younger sisters must correct their older brother’s memory!). This project has done more than anything in our family’s history to draw us closer to one another, understand each other better, and keep in close contact.

Therefore, by a serendipitous comment on my weblog I’m now challenged to write my own “Three Beautiful Things” from time-to-time. There is so much in our lives we take for granted, and we are inundated with “busyness.” For me, it’s a way to slow down and reflect on the little miracles in my life and give thanks.

calamity jane, getting in touch, and long distance – 09/22/07

1. Cali is back to normal and survived the “chocolate eating” incident. My girl is back to nudging my hand when she wants a pat, and snuggling up next to me (and sometimes snoring) while she sleeps.

2. I had the most wonderful massage last evening. The therapist was in tune to my needs and gave me some wonderful relaxation pointers.

3. There are special people who care about and love me – even if we are separated by miles.

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5 Replies to Desert Diva to “Three Beautiful Things – 09/22/07”

  1. tommiea UNITED STATES says:

    What a great thing to do….I frequently try to find the good in things, now I just need to write them down. So glad your puppy is better!

  2. RennyBA NORWAY says:

    What a great idea and concept I think we really should remind each other and also ourself of the Beauty in life and the world. Thanks for sharing this.

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a beautiful week ahead 😀

  3. Rowena PHILIPPINES says:

    Hi, I totally agree with this idea. I always end my day by thanking God with all the blessings I received each day. Normally, it even exceeds three.

  4. Lisa UNITED STATES says:

    I do this on my own, but I love the way this is more structured. This has been a tough week, but I still have many things to be thankful for.

    I’m so glad Cali is back to normal. What a relief! 🙂

  5. raymond pert UNITED STATES says:

    I’m really happy that you have helped spread the good news about Three Beautiful Things and that you are giving it a whirl from time to time. Thanks, too, for letting others know what my sisters and me are up to. I’m honestly thrilled that you think enough of these two aspect of my blog to post about them on yours. Bless you.