Saturday * June 23rd 2018

Canine Soul Mate…


Today was a windy day here in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Therefore, my “major project” was calling the vet to make an appointment for Cali, and then giving her a bath and “touch-up” haircut.

Cali is an older, more fussy girl now and showed me her displeasure by trembling her hind legs.  However, it was still “bath on” and I made sure the water was warm, talked to her softly, and gave her treats.  Between haircuts, I attempt to channel that I was a dog groomer in a former life, and trim her face and around her feet.

“Stay still or you’re going to get a bad haircut…”

However, without much fuss she “did” stay still and allow me to trim her up.  I even brushed her teeth, which I know I should do more often.

Her vet visit is for routine vaccinations (distemper and bordetella), but there are two  (actually three) issues that are causing concern.

  • Cali is a “gulper.”  She practically inhales food from her dog dish.  Sometimes, when she’s lying still she will start to cough and gag.  I *think* I’ve solved that problem on my own.  I bought her a special bowl that makes her eat more slowly.  In order to help even more, I put three small tennis balls in the dish.  The coughing and gagging has stopped.
  • Last summer I noticed her back legs would tremble.  I would notice the trembling when she was excited.  It doesn’t affect  her gait, but she does tire if I take her for a walk longer than an hour.  When Cali had her episode with a flatbed trailer last summer, I asked the vet and he didn’t seem concerned.
  • Two weeks ago I noticed a soft, fatty, lump in her chest.  A few years back she had a hard knot, but the vet took a needle aspiration and said it was fine.  The little hard lump is still there, but hasn’t changed or grown.  I “think” because she’s eleven now it’s a Lipoma – very common in older dogs.  I’m sure the vet will do a needle aspiration when we visit on Friday.  She may have had the mass longer, but I didn’t notice it until a couple of weeks ago.   Cali doesn’t seem to be in any sort of discomfort or pain, and the lump doesn’t hinder her in any manner.

I’m not going to worry.   I’m trying to “stay in the moment” and not worry.

So, if you’re an animal lover, please say a prayer, think positive thoughts, (or do whatever Spirit directs you) for my love Cali this coming Friday, 10:45 MST.   She’s a flopsy/mopsy girl that may not appear like much to the outside world, but she’s everything to me.   I know that if something is terribly wrong with her, I would do everything within my power to save her – even to the point of financial ruin.

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3 Replies to Desert Diva to “Canine Soul Mate…”

  1. I think you’ll learn Cali is just fine, but I understand your worry. Good thoughts, calming vibes, red wine to you.
    The Good Luck Duck´s last blog post ..Spring on 4th Avenue, Tucson

  2. Sue says:

    Wishing the best for you and Callie. Most likely the lump is another lipoma. She is a cutie !!

  3. Contessa says:

    Sending you both hugs, love and calming thoughts.
    Contessa´s last blog post ..Family Sunday & hats!

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