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Tablet, Netbook, or Laptop for Travel?

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As you can see, I don’t have the “latest and greatest” RV.  However, it does get me from point A to point B and in relative comfort.

Lately, my attention has been turning to “new and shiny things” in the world of technology and am leaning toward purchasing a new Android based tablet.

If it “ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Right? 

 photo dellinspiron700m_zps5acdbc65.jpg

I have mixed emotions, since I have an ancient (2004) Dell Inspiron 700M that runs on Windows XP.  However, it still works just fine and I actually quite like it.  The “only” problem is that I can’t get wireless at home after Century Link updated my DSL modem.   (There’s some sort of little glitch and I confirmed it at a site online.)  I do need a way to edit and upload travel photos, so as far as I know a laptop is a necessity.

Here are the glittery things dangling before my eyes…

 photo nexus7_zps0de5d87a.jpg

Asus Nexus 7 1B32 7-Inch 32 GB Tablet

  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 7 inches Display
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3.0 1.2 GHz
  • 32 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
  • 0.7 pounds

Simple. Beautiful. Beyond Smart. The Nexus brand represents a premium Android-based device that delivers the best Google experience available on tablet. It’s the confluence of the latest software and state-of-the-art hardware and represents a literal nexus of digital life. Nexus 7 is Google’s latest Nexus experience device and the first tablet to feature Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It combines the best of both Google and ASUS design, with the most advanced software from Google paired with cutting edge ASUS hardware.

 photo memopad_zps2eecb168.jpg

ASUS MeMO Pad Smart ME301T-A1-BL 10.1-Inch 16 GB Tablet ( Blue )

  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 10.1 inches Display
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3.0 1.2 GHz
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
  • 1.28 pounds

Stand out from the crowd with the incredible beauty and style of the ASUS MeMO Pad SmartTM. Incredibly lightweight and thin at only 1.28 pounds and .39 inches, it practically goes anywhere you do. Available in three stunning colors, you will be the envy of whoever gazes your way whether you play the most demanding games or just want to spend a relaxing afternoon reading. It really is that smart.

Take the online poll, Tablet, Netbook, or Laptop…

Please help me decide by visiting this ONLINE POLL and telling me how you harness the technological beast while you’re traveling on the road.  I really appreciate your views as well as your visit, so please leave me a quick comment!  🙂

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24 Replies to Desert Diva to “Tablet, Netbook, or Laptop for Travel?”

  1. Roxanne UNITED STATES says:

    You already know I have nothing useful to add, and my criterion for use is “do I already have it?”
    Roxanne´s last blog post ..Southern New Mexico Wine Festival – what the website won’t tell you

  2. Luz says:

    I’ve seen students with an Asus laptop that was loaded with useless junk so just beware that it’s not loaded onto the tablets as well. I was going to buy an iPad but thankfully, I was able to get one work-related. Honestly, haven’t used it that much for home so glad I didn’t buy one.
    Luz´s last blog post ..Call Me When You Get To Heaven

  3. Roxanne UNITED STATES says:

    To add to the conversation, I use a MacBook for my main/only computer. I’ve tried an iPad (I guess that’s a tablet) and I find it maddening without a keyboard. The best thing about iPad is its maps program, IMO.
    Roxanne´s last blog post ..Southern New Mexico Wine Festival – what the website won’t tell you

  4. Dave UNITED STATES says:

    Thanks for the comment about our “new to us” Jayco Melbourne.

    About windows XP….nearly 40% of computer users using windows are on XP, and uncle “bill” in his wisdom is going to stop supporting it soon….at least that is what they are saying….again. Said the same thing back around 2005 if I am not mistaken, and then they gave in to users who complained. Don’t know how much memory you have in your computer, and what the processor speed is, but if it works for you, why change? But if you do, be sure to go to programs and uninstall all the junk you don’t want….they come full of junk, and much of that junk starts up with your computer (look at all the processes being run), and it slows everything down. And in my opinion, DON’T do windows 8, I don’t think you will like it. I use windows 7 and make it look and feel as much as I can like windows xp looks and feels. –Dave
    Dave´s last blog post ..New To Us Motorhome, Picking it up Friday

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Dave!

      Thanks for visiting and sharing all the Windows information. I ordered more RAM for my laptop today and just may stay with it for awhile!

  5. I have used a laptop exclusively for the past 2 years and love it. I do too much on the computer and internet to not have a keyboard – in fact, I have an external keyboard for the laptop because the one on the laptop is too cramped feeling for me. I recently upgraded to a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy III) and not only does it act like a tablet, it connects to my laptop and gives me internet access as a hotspot – how cool is that! No having to search for wi-fi – yay!

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Marguerita!

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your information. I’m curious – how does your smartphone connect to your laptop and provide WiFi? Is that a special app that you downloaded?

  6. I have to admit, I am utterly ignorant about things like this, but the company rep who sold me the phone (I had already decided that I wanted that phone because of its size – huge!) told me that the phone would do this. I use a “mini-usb to regular usb”cord to connect the phone to the laptop and the laptop (Lenovo G770) recognizes that there’s a wireless connection. On the phone, one of the normal settings (ringtone, battery use settings, etc.) is “Hotspot” and I just turn it on and BINGO – laptop is connected to the internet. It’s magic. Btw, even though I don’t need a tablet, I want one too 😉

  7. NancyM UNITED STATES says:

    I use a Toshiba netbook that I bought a few years ago. It has Windows XP. I bought my daughter a netbook last summer to use while in class at college (her laptop was just too bulky to carry around). I think it’s an Acer running Windows 7. Paid just under $250. We did buy more memory for about $12 and installed it ourselves. Has worked great.
    When my current netbook bites the dust, I’ll buy another one. Works fine for what I need, takes up little space and the battery lasts 7-8 hours. I considered a tablet, but I need the keyboard.

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Nancy!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I *think* I would need a keyboard also. There are some bluetooth ones that you can attached to a tablet, but I like the “all in one” configuration better!

  8. Darrell_G says:

    You and I are researching the same subject. I think I’ll patiently kick back and wait for you to decide what you’re going to get, then get the same thing.
    (p.s. I hope I don’t have to give up my bagphone for one of those fancy new phones.)

  9. Gaelyn says:

    Think about what you’re going to use it for, how to keep it charged if you’re off the grid, how much memory you need and how you’ll load photos on it. New toys are always a shinny tease and inticement.
    Gaelyn´s last blog post ..Hiking Cathedral Wash

  10. Teri Lee says:

    I use a laptop 90% of the time (2011 HP Pavilion running windows 7). I have a Kindle Fire, which is a tablet and really do not like it, wish I would have just got the cheap Kindle for reading books only. I have an iPhone to use while sitting at a rest-stop or in a parking lot. I have also heard that Windows 8 is a big pain.
    Teri Lee´s last blog post ..Sewing

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Teri Lee!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Personally, I don’t like the Kindle or Nook as I like the “feel” of a book in my hand. I’ve also heard that Windows 8 is not very user friendly. 🙁 I may just keep my *old* laptop.

  11. mark johnson UNITED STATES says:

    I love your RV!!!
    mark johnson´s last blog post ..Moving On…

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Mark!

      Actually, I love my RV too but sometimes I “dream” of something “better and bigger.” It actually “suits me” quite well…

  12. Beth UNITED STATES says:

    Hi Diva,

    I recently tested a Samsung Note 10.1 but returned it. It was nice but just seemed like an expensive toy. One thing I found out is that it didn’t come with Flash, so I couldn’t initially watch some on-line videos until I found a download. That is a touchy subject regarding Flash with some tablets.

    I already had a BN Nook color and decided to just keep that for now. With a tablet, I like to recline and cruise the web or read sites. If I want to do actual work (spreadsheets, word processing, etc) I’ll use a laptop at a desk.

    With a smaller tablet you may find yourself resizing websites in order to read, which can be kind of a pain. I found that turning the Nook horizontally helped with that.

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Beth!

      Thanks for your comment and visit. I’ve done some more research and found out about the “flash” issue. I *think* I’d need a 10.1 size to work for me. I may just end up getting a “lower end” tablet and do most of my work on my mini-laptop.


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