Friday * November 16th 2018

Cursing, Hot Food, and Gas!

It’s been really warm here in Las Cruces…

Gee, don’t worry it’s not THAT hot – remember it’s a DRY HEAT!   :devil:

 photo hotstuff_zpsc792ff7f.jpg


Where is Winkton you ask?  How should I know?  My late mother never developed an affinity for cursing and liked to use the phrase:  “Like a bat out of Winkton.”  I “think” Winkton might be synonymous for “H – E – double cross-sticks,’ but I can’t be completely sure.  While we’re on the subject of cursing my mother developed a seemingly secret language for words that were questionably proper in the Cox household.

Englebert Humperdink?

 photo mrbubble_zps61214bde.jpgMy mother had seven kids (yep, I’m one of ’em) and liked to take advantage of shortcuts to make her life easier.  So, instead of constantly nagging my brothers to wash when they were in the bathtub, she just threw in some Mr. Bubble.

I guess it was kind of like a human washing machine.  My lovely brothers would play and splash in the tub and get clean at the same time.

The Cox kids all LOVED Mr. Bubble.  Yeah, Mom – I’m ready to take a bath!  Where’s the Mr. Bubble?  :laugh:

There was one small problem…

After three of my brothers enjoyed their sudsy spa with happy Mr. Bubble a few times they developed a, uh, prickly problem with their private parts.   😮

In my mother’s words to kindly old Dr. Worley (who apparently was present at all of the Cox births) – “Three of my boys have some redness and swelling on and around their Englebert Humperdink’s!” 

To make a long story shorter, Dr. Worley advised my mother to stop buying Mr. Bubble and to my knowledge none of the brothers affected suffered any long-term emotional or physical scarring – at least not due to happy Mr. Bubble…

Out of earshot of my mother all of the “non-affected” siblings teased the “affected” ones by saying they had “puffy p*t*rs.”  Uh, oh – wait a minute I’m not allowed to use the word p*t*r.

However, I digress…

 photo eggs_zps1570194e.jpg

I initially meant you invite you over for breakfast in my new “heated” outdoor kitchen.  Lately, I’ve been able to utilize cooking temperatures of 105 degrees here in Las Cruces, New Mexico!

You “do” like eggs don’t you? 

Please forgive me for not asking you how you like your eggs, since I’m new at this outdoor grill thingy and can only do “sunny-side up.”

Uh, don’t worry about any little bits of bugs, dog excrement, dust, plants, etc…  It’s all ORGANIC!  🙂  I can only do eggs at the moment, but may in time graduate to include bacon!  :pig:



On second thought maybe we could nail this roadrunner and cook him up with the eggs.  He probably tastes just like chicken.  He was waiting on a pigeon dinner in my neighbor’s backyard…

Nah, it’s probably illegal seeing that the roadrunner is the New Mexico State Bird.

I’ve got gas!


No silly, not from all the talk of the delicious food – I mean GAS for my car.  I live just around the corner from Sam’s Club and couldn’t believe it when the price was posted for $2.99/gallon.

Oh Happy Day!  😎

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends and to those in the “lower zones” Happy July 4th!  🙂  Be safe, eat some great food, and share smiles and good times with those you love!  :rainbow:

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14 Replies to Desert Diva to “Cursing, Hot Food, and Gas!”

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Thank goodness for AC. But how about toast to go with that bacon?
    Gaelyn´s last blog post ..Foto Friday Fun 13

  2. Gay and Joe UNITED STATES says:

    Now that’s hot …hot as blue blazes! …as my mama always said.

  3. Nice pic of the bird! Did you take it?

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Perri,

      Yes, I sure did. If you click on the photo it will take you to it’s “home” on Flickr along with the rest of the pictures I’ve taken.

      Thanks for visiting!


  4. Jo UNITED STATES says:

    A few months back gas was at 2.79 in Tucson. But of course I had already filled up. By the time I needed gas it was back up to well over $3.
    Yes it’s a dry heat but I sure am glad to be here in the Mountains even if I am complaining about the 93’s we are getting.

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Jo,

      No, I don’t expect gasoline to stay at those prices long. Gee, if it were ONLY 93 degrees here!

      Have a good weekend! 🙂

  5. I’ll bet I could fry an egg here today too! But, you did it, and it’s too da*n hot to even go out to actually crack the egg on the sidewalk. I’m feelin’ like an indoor girl today.
    We’re expecting about 111 F. and it’s supposed to be hotter tomorrow and Tuesday! YUCK.
    I, too, wish all Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth of July.
    mary-pat sherman´s last blog post ..California Central Valley – Sunday – a “Black Hole of Calcutta”

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Mary-Pat,

      Yes, it’s just too darn hot! I feel like a “slug,” because all I want to do is stay indoors with the central air and drink cool drinks…

  6. Dave UNITED STATES says:

    Wish gas prices here in the Golden State were that good….paying nearly a dollar more here. And talk about HOT….well, your read my blog, so you know already….just don’t let Cali melt into a rug like that picture I found….

    Just curious, are you using that Canon Rebel camera for most of your pictures? I looked into that camera, but decided not to get a SLR, and we got a Panasonic Lumix (DMC-FZ60K 16.1 MP) and I love it to death.

    Dave (
    Dave´s last blog post ..Melting Zone

  7. Desert Diva says:

    Hi Dave!

    I love to talk about photography! When I’m going to photography somethings “serious,” I use the Canon and a tripod. However, most of my “daily shots” are taken with…

    a Panasonic Lumix!

    Too funny! I researched “point-and-shoot cameras and the Lumix got high scores. However, mine is older than yours though… 🙁 The Lumix is a great little walk around camera and if you use a good post editing program you can get amazing results!

    Stay cool – Cali sits in front of a floor fan while I’m on my computer.

    No chance of my sassy girl melting! 😉

  8. Lynda UNITED STATES says:

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Nice to have our Cheryl back! Now when are you getting the “Winkton” out of town?!
    Lynda´s last blog post ..Getting back to normal…

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Lynda,

      Growing up as a “Cox kid” was a bit like a version of the Little Rascals. There were lots of crazy stories.

      I’m ready to go – I’m just waiting for the July 4th holiday to be over and then I’m “Off Like a Prom Dress!” 😉

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