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Five Things I Don’t Like on Blogs…

Yes, gentle readers – even the “Desert Diva” has opinions…

I’ve been paying more attention to my blog lately, updating the plug-in’s and doing an overall facelift!  🙂 However, as a result I’ve come to look at other blogs with a more “critical eye,” and have decided that there are some things that I just don’t care for when reading.  photo panties_zps183efa2c.png

Now don’t become alarmed and “on your defensive.”  The blogs I visit are because I genuinely want to – and feel that you all have something important to say…

I suppose I should also go on record to say that I ALWAYS WEAR PANTIES – even if they do get “bunched up” sometimes!  :shout:

So here are the “top five” in no particular order…

  • Mundane References to Everyday Food…

Dear Lord, please don’t tell me every morning that you had coffee and toast.  Now if you have some a delicious coffee with interesting  latte art on the top and some exotic french toast at a cute little restaurant, that might be “blog-worthy.”  However, if it’s just your “run-of-the-mill” cup of Joe and Wonder Bread with butter and jam, you might want to “re-think” what you write.  Especially if you tell me EVERYDAY!  :yawn:

Starvin\' Arvin Cinnamon Roll

Now if you have one of THESE mama-jamma’s for breakfast please  warn me beforehand so I can get a towel to control the drool all over my keyboard!    :plate:

  • Public References to Private Part Procedures…

I’m very sorry – I just don’t want to know if your doctor is going to stick something up your “hoo-hah” or make you bend over and cough.  Furthermore, I “really” don’t want to know if you have to drink a special cocktail and have another kind of procedure on your “flip-side.”  We’ve all been there and I just don’t like sitting and squirming in my computer chair…  :pray:

 photo dogingown_zpsd162c150.jpg

Yeah Dude, you KNOW what’s coming…

  • Armchair History Lessons…

I love history.  When I was in high school I remember my World History teacher very well.  The day before we had a history test, he would say we’re going to have a “sick session.”  He was going to feed us the questions and we were going to regurgitate the answers.

 photo museum_zps1c7a15b0.jpg

I “like” surprises!

Seriously, when you visit a historical site or a museum I like it when you tell me “a little to get me interested in visiting.’  It’s kinda like knowing what you’re going to get for Christmas and/or turning to read the end of the book when you’re halfway through.  Tell me enough to peak my interest, but let me be surprised…

  • Captcha Me if You Can…

I’m grumpy in the morning – especially before drinking copious amounts of caffeine.  I hate blogs with captcha enabled.  If it’s one word or a check box I’m “good with that.”  However if the captcha code imitates a NASA command sequence I get really “grumpy.”  I understand getting a sequence correct if you’re firing a military rocket, but not on a blog!  :bomb:

 photo captcha_zps36a914b4.gif

Your turn! 

  • People Who Don’t Take Personal Responsibility (and stir the pot)…

There are some people in life who like to call attention to what they deem “the mistakes of others,” while ignoring their own.  It can’t be “OK” to point the finger at someone for a minor infraction while you’re doing something “illegal” also.

I’m sorry, but there are no “shades of grey” in right or wrongdoing – it’s all pretty black and white.

Therefore,  instead of getting people involved and “in a ruckus” over something and being what my late father called a “sh*t stirrer,” concentrate on your own behavior and reactions to situations.  As a teacher I ran into this on an almost daily basis.  I would confront a child on his behavior and he immediately would counter “Well, so-and-so” did this!”  My response would always be something to the effect that we’re not discussing the other person – we’re discussing “you!”

In this life there are rules to follow – if you don’t like the rules go “play somewhere else.”  However, don’t badmouth sincere people, groups, or organizations because you couldn’t twist the rules your way.  It’s not a badge of honor to flaunt that you “got away with something,” it’s more like showing you’re not a responsible adult.

 photo potandkettle_zps73682192.jpg

Yep, I’m talkin’ about YOU!

Don’t get excited…

I’m not pointing the finger at you personally.  I’d NEVER do that!  There are just some things when I read blogs that I wish were different.

What are some things that bother YOU about blogs you read?  :devil:

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35 Replies to Desert Diva to “Five Things I Don’t Like on Blogs…”

  1. LOL@captcha. Lord love a duck, I hate that stuff.
    The Good Luck Duck´s last blog post ..More Oliver Lee State Park. Bonus: Las Cruces, New Mexico

  2. There are SO shades of gray! When I do something slightly wrong, it’s cute. Amirite?
    The Good Luck Duck´s last blog post ..More Oliver Lee State Park. Bonus: Las Cruces, New Mexico

  3. Lynn says:

    Great topic. I will have to think about it more thoroughly because I only read a select few – but I really don’t like it when the blog is full of people’s medical problems. I kind of put that under personal information that shouldn’t be revealed to the world. I don’t mean Once mention to let your friends know but I can think of one that just about had me regurgitating my dinner. She shall remain nameless – I just quit reading.

    Also if the blog doesn’t have pictures especially of the author – I don’t like it. One has to put a face to the stories.

  4. Contessa CANADA says:

    Don’t ya think you could be a bit plainer so we can figure out what you are saying:)
    Contessa´s last blog post ..Tuesday was yet another busy day.

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      OMG – no Contessa. If I were any “plainer” I’d have to “name names” and then the blog-o-sphere firestorm would start! 😉

  5. BRAVO BRAVO Cheryl & good for you in expressing your honest opinions. I could not agree with you more on every one of them. And the list goes on of course. I wrote a lengthy post about 5 years ago with the intention of helping new Bloggers avoid some of the obvious blogging pitfalls. Well that post sure rattled some folks but overall the feed back that came in was very positive & supportive. I was going to link that post here but couldn’t find it. Anyway, good for you in standing up & calling a Spade a Spade. I say again……….Bravo. AL:))

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Al!

      Coming from you, I’m honored! It’s actually for the blog poster’s own good. When I come across blogs like I mentioned I hit the “read” button on Feedly and move on.

      Blogging is really an “art form” and you seem to know what it’s all about! 🙂


  6. I agree with your five no-nos. I’ll have to think about what other(s) I may be able to share. Hmmm? I’m really losing my touch (or sight or something) because when the comment requires a ‘captcha,’ by the time I get one typed in correctly for publishing I’m sick and tired of whatever I said in the first place.
    I do like photos included of whomever the blogger is – at least once in a while. I do like to put a face to the blog. I wonder what the intent is when people only share photos of their pets, never themselves.
    Good topic … mp
    mary-pat sherman´s last blog post ..Refinancing Research, Revelations, Realities, Reflections

  7. Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

    Hi Mary-Pat,

    It’s hot here in Las Cruces and I guess the heat “got to me.” 😉 I like to put a face to the blog too!

    By the way, I ordered something that is a rectangle that “sort of” takes the place of a awning. I’ll let you know how it works out…


  8. Diana UNITED STATES says:

    That captcha is hysterical – and totally unnecessary. I think a lot of bloggers don’t even realize they have them enabled.

  9. Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

    Gee, I didn’t mean to be “snarky” at all. There actually is an “art” to a good blog post, and I strive to achieve it. That means I want to “engage” my readers – not bore them with senseless “dribble.”

    If you’re “offended” and have a blog, obviously I hit a nerve. 😯

    When I make a blog post, I don’t just start writing “a bunch of crap” that flows out of my head. I think about what I’m writing, consider the “audience” that I’m writing to, etc…

    As for “changing the channel” I do. I have the blogs that I follow in my Feedly reader (previously Google reader) and if the post is “mundane” I click “read” and go on without a comment.

    However, we all have “good and bad days,” and I don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater” over one seemingly boring post.

    Blogging is much like writing a good essay. You have to reach out and “connect” with your reader. There are various ways to do that – being honest, speaking from the heart, and exposing a side of yourself that people don’t usually see. Humor is important, as well as photos to document what you are trying to get across.

    So to answer your question – “Are your thoughts any more interesting and pithy than the next blogger?”

    Yes and no.

    I “do” think about the topic I’m going to write about and let it “roll around in my head” until I post. When I make a blog post it usually goes through many “incarnations” before I click “publish.” I “don’t” just start blabbing and hit the post button.

    There’s nothing wrong with voicing one’s preferences and offering “criticism” – as long as it’s done in a constructive manner.

    Thank you for your comment and offering your views…

    • Lynn says:

      Marcia, I think this is an unfair comment. If you put your stuff out for the world to see, it is opening the door for others to have their say. Where is your picture so we can see what you blog about. I call these kind of comments a “hit and run”. If you are going to be critical, show who you are.

      My last dislike for blogs is when commenters do a hit and run. 😉
      Lynn´s last blog post ..Father’s Day Hike

  10. Dave UNITED STATES says:

    Ok, you win…..I’ve turned the word verification off. Should have done that last week when my own mother told me that she tried to comment and “it did not work”. Shame on me….thanks for the gentle push.

    Dave (Marcia and Bubba and Skruffy)

    ps: guess what I have for breakfast this morning……lol…
    Dave´s last blog post ..Laundry, Grooming, Non-travel Day, Invite to NEW Google Maps

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Dave!

      You’re too funny!

      Always listen to your mother! 😉 Seriously, it makes Blogger blogs much more “user friendly.” So, if it’s any condolence – I thank you! 🙂

      Hey, what DID you have for breakfast? 😉

      Always puts a smile on my face to see your comments!


  11. Gaelyn says:

    Totally agree with you. Captcha is the worst. Then some bloggers moderate as well. What the heck?

    Guess my other pet peeve is seeing sidebars packed solid with advertising of unrelated products.
    Gaelyn´s last blog post ..Exchanging energy at Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge South Africa

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Whoever invented Captcha should be publicly flogged! :silly:

      I “do” moderate my comments as I’ve had some “hate” comments before. People “miss the mark” or like to “twist” what I have to say sometimes and I’m just not going to let those comments be posted. Thankfully, those that like to “spew hate” are few and far between…

  12. Just to play the devil’s advocate here…Having grown up in the era of photo albums, scrapbooks and boxes of slides, the concept of a blog was really enticing. The stories behind the photos are eventually lost in time but the blog brings them back. There are people who talk just to hear themselves talk and likewise they blog. It was important enough to them, though, to blog. Follow those you enjoy and, with the click of the mouse, run away from the ones you don’t!

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      My intent isn’t to “put down” others who have blogs – it’s just a way to offer “constructive criticism” to the blog-o-sphere in general.

      Actually, some bloggers I quite like (even though I’ve never met them personally) and even though their content is difficult for me to navigate at times, I like what they have to say in general! :inlove:

  13. Gay and Joe UNITED STATES says:

    I don’t guess I have any pet peeves. I choose to read or not read. Our blog started out as a “diary” of our travels. I never dreamed in a million years anyone else would ever read it. I don’t get alot of comments, but I do have a great recording of where we have been with pictures and a few words about each! Some blogs are very entertaining and I have my favorites!

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Gay and Joe!

      I’m a little different – I always like to read, because sometimes “wonderful words” are “between the lines”.

      Like you, I started out my blog as a diary. I’m not good at the “paper and pencil” thing, and I suppose my initial inspiration came from “Doogie Howser, M.D.!” (Do you remember when at the end of each show he made a diary entry on his computer?)

      I have my “favorites” too, but everyone has “something to say!” :yes:

      • Gay and Joe UNITED STATES says:

        I do read all the blogs on my blog roll and am constantly searching for new ones.I love the information and pictures and since we do full- time RV, we are always looking for great places to visit! So when you say you read them all and look for words between the lines…even on the mundane, boring regular cup of coffee and a piece of toast or a surgical procedure that is really important to someone…then I don’t understand why that is a pet peeve???? Anything and everything that people write for the public to read is important to them as the writer…now I am confused about why you did the blog on pet peeves…..
        Gay and Joe´s last blog post ..Pearl meets Roxanne – A Sunday Drive to Towers Arch

      • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

        Hi Gay and Joe,

        I can still read something (especially if I feel “connected” to the person) and not agree with what they have to say 100% of the time. I think that’s just life. I “do” like to give people the “benefit of the doubt” and try to understand where they are coming from when they post.

        That still doesn’t mean I agree with what they have to say and/or like to see it in a blog post, but I do need to be tolerant. I didn’t mention anyone by name, and it would be wrong if I did so. There are some topic that I feel are not for public consumption. Case in point: I was born with a genetic condition that “significantly colored” my view of life. I grew up being “poked and prodded” on. I’m not about to offer the gory details online.

        However, to ME this is very personal and private information which I’ll never discuss in my blog. To me, some things are too personal and private to share and I still “stand firm” that I don’t like to read about them. I honor the person who is writing, but at least for that day I’ll hit the “next” button on Feedly.

        I also think I need to clarify that I didn’t do a blog post on “pet peeves.” I did a blog post on five things I don’t like to see on blogs. It’s my opinion. Some folks may identify and feel the same, others not so much. It’s just my opinion after having a blog now for seven years. I don’t feel that a cup of coffee and a piece of toast is really important to someone – I think that it’s a way to fill blank space on a page. Again, I honor their right to do so, but I question the importance and motive.

        I have opinions.

        I’m not always right.

        Sometimes I make mistakes.

        I hope that I’ve made it clear that I can dislike something that people write, but still honor and even like the person. It’s just (right or wrong) one person’s opinion – and that “person” happens to be me. 🙂

  14. Hate the captcha codes too. When you see captcha plus approval, then you know the blogger is really a newbie or doesn’t ever look at their own blog to see how it works. Blogging is such a great way to record your travels or what you have been doing. There are bloggers that just want to record for themselves and bloggers that are writers wanting to be read and then many who fall in between. I guess I fall there. I follow one blogger who is well known and generally writes great posts but I really hate it when I see the “pointing fingers” and “what would you do” questions because it is blatantly obvious that she is just trying to drive up readership and comments, especially when she goes back and refers to the post comments in following posts. Ah, well, that is what pushing the “read” button fixes. :-/
    Colleen Phipps (longdog2)´s last blog post ..Escape from Brownwood, the Kids Are Coming

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Colleen,

      Thanks for visiting! I’m with you on the Captcha codes!

      It’s interesting that you describe yourself as of of those that fall “in-between” – I’d have to admit that’s where I am too. I like to RV so that is part of my blog, but it’s really helped me as a form of self-discovery to see where I’ve been and where I’d like to go in my life. It’s a wonderful tool…

      Uh, I’ve pushed that “read” button a few times myself! 😉


  15. Paul Dahl says:

    Great post! I have to agree the Captcha is one lousy thing to deal with. Make you wonder if people are disappointed they don’t get many comments when they have it enabled. What are they afraid of, anyway?

    Hope your RV gets squared away and you can travel soon! :c)
    Paul Dahl´s last blog post ..A Special Surprise For The Boys

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yep, I’m not a Captcha fan – that’s for sure! :-X

      I “am” having some trials and tribulations with my RV – the last being that I had new shocks a year ago and one is “metal to metal” and the others have cracked bushings. Rather than “get my panties in a bunch” I’m just going to move on. I ordered a set of Bilstein shocks and when they arrive another mechanic (who seems to do good work) is going to put them on.

      So, I’m “almost” ready for the road! 😎

  16. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Cheryl,
    Read you for the first time(I think) this morning, coming over from the Bayfield blog… I HATE CAPTCHAS!!! On Bob Skelding’s WAGONTEAMSTER blog sometimes I get so MADDDD, especially after I have written a well thought out comment (I THINK SO ANYWAY) I have to CAPTCHA 4 or 5 times and still not get through! It makes me so mad I roll my cigaret so tight I no can smoke it !!! And I don’t even smoke!!! (Sorry, teacher, I know I over-punctuate)
    Great blog and good reasoning for dislikes( stepped on someone’s toes)… May I put you on my ‘daily’ read list??? One blog that is unusual you might like, is : goin’ RV Boondockin’ … Brian is a real philosofer, of sorts… 🙂

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Butterbean!

      I’m so glad you stopped by – put me “on your radar” for sure. I’d be honored to be on your “read list.”

      There have been a couple of times with Captcha for me that I finally had to just give up, but I’m not the most patient person in the world don’t ya know? :pissedoff:

      I’ve already got Going RV Boondocking on my radar, but thanks for the 411! 😀

      Take care,

  17. […] I wrote about what I didn’t like to see when I read a blog.  Some folks were “spot on” and “got it,” while some naysayers made […]

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