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Tango Shoe Fail, RV Woes

Shoes are my life… 😉

Red and Black Tango Shoes

 Black and Polka Dot Tango Shoes

Shoe Fail 🙁

The third week of March I went to the Tucson Tango Festival and was mesmerized by the beautiful assortment of Argentine Tango shoes.  There wasn’t anything in my size, but Mr. Tango Shoes traced my foot and assured me that they would make me two pair of beautiful Argentine Tango shoes.  The first pair were too big and I had them remade (gratis).  The second pair were also too big, and I think the problem is that I have an unusually high arch.  The shoes are made in Columbia and have a 4-5 week turnaround.  Since I wasn’t sure that “Mr. Tango” could make a pair to fit me, I sadly sent them back (again) and requested a refund.

Please, just fix my RV and give me the bill!

My RV is currently at the mechanic I use here in Las Cruces.  He told me he wanted to adjust the valves, and he heard some “ticking” that he thought was something called the rocker arms.  (I’m clueless – he lost me at “adjust the valves.”)

Well, he adjusted the valves (and swears it’s the correct adjustment) and the ticking (which I never really noticed) is noticeably louder.  🙁  He consulted a machinist, and says he couldn’t guarantee the fix and it would be “rather costly.”  I had the engine rebuilt in 2010, and it was a long road until it got done “correctly.”  It’s upsetting to even write about it at the moment…

Now, my mechanic says that the engine should “run fine” (albeit the louder ticking) and the valves are set correctly.  He’s going to change the oil to a synthetic brand and put in some additive call Lucas.  I “do” know from research that the Toyota 22RE engine is very “trustworthy” albeit “noisy.”  I don’t think my mechanic is trying to “fleece me,” but I “do” want the rig to perform properly and Lord knows I don’t want to be stuck somewhere on the side of the road.

I don’t do well with “mishaps” – just FIX it! 

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14 Replies to Desert Diva to “Tango Shoe Fail, RV Woes”

  1. Sandie UNITED STATES says:

    I used to be a shoe hound. I probably had 50 or more pairs of shoes and always was on the lookout for more. Then I fell and broke my ankle an ruptured my Achilles tenon. Got a couple of screws put in and spent four months in a cast. Now there is no way I can wear all my pretty pretty shoes. The ankle just doesn’t work right – especially on steps and I don’t dare risk damaging it again. But boy those are some good lookin’ shoes.

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      I’m so sorry about your injury – that would be rough. I feel for you as I have a right wrist that has been broken twice and now has a plate, screws, and a bone graft.

      Sadly, the shoes didn’t work for me and I had to return them! 🙁

  2. BOO! to Mr.TangoShoes. BOO! to engine woes.
    The Good Luck Duck´s last blog post ..Southern New Mexico Pride Festival 2013

  3. Contessa CANADA says:

    OMG! Dance shoes are as vital as wine1 I once flew to NYC to get my ballroom dance shoes which I still have and can’t wear. So sad. But he drew your foot so what gives? SIGH!!!

    Dont’ want to talk about RV woes, too much stress. Been there done that, way too many times.

    The ex nurse suggests a bottle of vino of your choice. A sad day indeed. You better enter the wine contest in Mazatlan, meet us in Nogales and follow us down this November to collect your winnings. They do dance the tango mucho mas in the plazuelas and other dances too.
    Contessa´s last blog post ..Looks like the panic might be over…

  4. tom says:

    Sad to hear your car problem started right before your summer trip. Was a little surprise your rv has a little 2400cc, a little over 100 hp. I owned toyotas for 20 years. My first truck has the same engine as your. I had fun tuning that, just shade tree kind of machanic, but I was a lot younger then.
    Let me try if I could help you in some way based on my experience. Since your engine has been rebuilt, I like to assume your timing chain, camshaft, rocket arms are still in good shape. Decrease the intake valve clearance from .008″ to .007, and the exhaust clearance from .012″ to .011 would lower the noise somewhat. These setting are to be done when the engine is hot, and need to be done relatively fast before the engine got cooler.
    I now will give few more possible reasons for the noise that many machanic easily ignore which do not cost anything or a little.
    1. Tighten the valve cover to 50 of torque. Over tightening would distort cam shaft which cause out of adjustment.
    2. The bottom of the valve adjustment screws worned out. Check if they look like hour glass shape. If it is, the adjustment could not be held easily. Screws should not be more than a few dollars each from the dealer.
    3. Timing chain guide (damper) has worn to a state that the hydraulic tensioner could not take up the slack which would give rattling noise.
    4. Workmanship and housekeeping; keep the feeler gage level and medium drag while sliding. Keep dirt from gage for every check.
    I think I am writing too much. I am using a smart phone.

    Do you remembered I met you 2 years ago in Valley River Mall in Eugene Or. I took a picture of you with the dog in the dark.

    Wish you good luck.

    San Jose Ca

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Tom!

      Wow, I am SO glad that you read the post and replied. So far the mechanic only did the valve adjustment and changed the oil to a heavier viscosity. I’m going to drive it this summer (getting ready now) and have the valves checked and readjusted by another mechanic. I’m planning on driving to Mt. Shasta, so could you recommend someone in your area?

      Yes, I DO remember you! Thank you so much for your suggestions to help!


      • tom says:

        Unfortunately I always fix my own car, so I could not come up with any recommendation. I was a lot younger then. Nowaday, I drive relatively new car. I bought my Tacamo 3400cc 195 hp in year 2000. It ran like a charm for 13 year, will easily last another 13. I use it to tow my 3500 lb traver trailer if you remember. Extremely dependable.
        I know It is difficult to find good and honest mechanic. Even good mechanic could get into sloppiness, because it is not easy to keep a garage clean. Junk and greases everywhere and screws mixing up, plus horror stories from a lot of friends. It is hard for me to trust and depend on them.
        I recommend you not to do anything during your trip. Since you are in unfamiliar territory, bad luck in repair could cause stress in your supposedly relaxing trip. Since engine noise is a relatively subjective thing. Some mechanic might purposely reduce the valve clearance too much to make you happy. But lowering it too much would cause burnt valves. (Valves need to have enough time to dissipate heat to the head when the valves close, valve clearance control the duration of the valve close. ) Reduced clearance allows less distance for the rocker arm to accelerate to hit and push the valve. Hence, lower ticking noise.
        I know for unexplainable reason valve noise would reduce after a few hundred miles after adjustment. So you should have a wait and see mind set. Don’t let it bother you. I don’t mind to be your arm chair mechanic if you don’t mind to share your car trouble during the trip.

        Have a safe, adventurous and fun trip.


      • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

        Thanks Tom for the good advice and being my “armchair mechanic!” 🙂

  5. tom says:

    My post did not crash. I am happy because writing on smart phone is hard work.
    Let me write some more. I think your mechanic is to blame. 22re engine is famous or notorious for the valve tapping noise. That in no way would hurt the engine. A higher viscosity oil 40 rating would dampen that too. He said his machinist said would cost a lot and no guarantee. He is trying to shift the blame. I think they are implying your engine head needs to be rebuilt(new camshaft and rocker arms). It could be possible your engine head would be no good two years after the rebuilt. (It got skip to keep price low).
    But it was okay before he adjusted it. So you should have him spent more effort before rebuilding the head. This engine is famous to last more than 300,000 miles before any major overhaul.

  6. The term sabotage derives from French workers throwing their shoes into machines. Okay, probably not relevant here, but your post about shoes and engine problems reminded me of it.

    The Guppy also has a little ticking sound, even after getting a new engine. Happy trails!
    Sue Soaring Sun´s last blog post ..A Week of Relaxation in St. Johns, Arizona

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Sue!

      I think it’s normal (from what I’ve heard) for these Toyota engines to have a noisy ticking sound. Thanks for replying – it helps to know that other people have experienced this with their “Toy Homes!”

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