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Ants in Your Pants?

Have you ever had…

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Yes, “Ants in Your Pants!”

No, I’m not asking if you’ve had REAL ants in your pants.  I’m talking about the idiom “Ants in Your Pants.” 

However, if you have ever had real ants in your pants, and want to tell me about it I’m listening!  :laugh:  (Actually I did once when I ventured into some marshy grass once to photograph a bird in Santa Fe once…)

Target date for departure:  Friday, July 12th!

As you already know I had a “little eye problem” that has caused me to stick around Las Cruces for a short time.  I’m happy to report the eye is “mucho better” – thanks to all for their kind thoughts and words…

Hey, sticking around has it’s benefits!  Saturday I found a BRAND NEW TomTom Via 1350 at the local Goodwill for the sweet price of $49.99 (no tax)!  Our Goodwill gets new goods that are older items or overstock from the local Target store.  No, it’s not the newest version but I was getting ready to update the maps on my Garmin Nuvi 205W and for the cost of this GPS with bluetooth integration and lifetime map updates I felt like it was a good deal.  🙂  (The cost of the Garmin map updating was $49.95!)  I quickly ordered a “bean bag” mount for it since most states do not allow window mounting.

 photo tomtomvia_zps5d32dc29.jpg

Tuesday night IS “dollar taco night” at the Las Cruces Moose Lodge.  Two or three tacos combined with a $2.00 pint of Shock Top Ale just can’t be beat – especially with a visit to the “Den of Iniquity” (slot machine room) to play the penny slots at a whopping five cents a spin!

Cali is going to the “Puppy Beauty Shop!” 

In my experience, it’s more difficult for me to have Cali groomed “on the road” than it is for me to find a place to get a haircut.  So, Thursday she’s getting a “summer cut.”  My groomer charges me $28.00 (plus tax) so I’d rather have her groomed here than on the road somewhere.  After all, she’s the “prettiest girl in the whole world!”  :dog:

Loading up the RV…

The rig is basically loaded, but I don’t go out and do anything until the sun sets.  Last night when I opened the door the thermometer said 107 degrees and that’s with the skylight and windows cracked.   😯   What I really need to do is go through all the clothing I’ve packed and take away 1/2 of it!  Seriously!

So just what AM I antsy for you ask?  I’ll let these Oregon photos speak for me!

I  :heart: Oregon! 

Bandon, Oregon Goodpasture Covered Bridge - Lane County, Oregon Airlie Pinot Noir Astoria, Oregon Painted Hills
Just Beachin\' The Overlook Warning The Visitor... Lethal Lodging
Seventh on 07/07/07
Sunflowers Marionberry-lishious! Lincoln City, Oregon Sunset Heceta Head LIghthouse
Lincoln City, Oregon Hairy Story... Starfish Logging Truck

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14 Replies to Desert Diva to “Ants in Your Pants?”

  1. I think it’s entirely possible that we might meet up in Oregon. You’re ahead of me in schedule because I probably won’t be in Oregon until around the first or second week in August. My plans are very flexible – oh the joy of retirement – as I’ve mentioned in my blog; but, if it works out it would be fun to meet, and maybe have the “kids” meet too. Lacy, my Standard Poodle, is really really ready for a grooming. I did it myself a month or so ago, with the help of my niece, Claudia, who’s a groomer. Now I have all the equipment; I just need to get the energy and courage to head in to that curly black coat …. Or maybe I should just call Martin, her local groomer, and get a really good job done that I might be able to ‘keep up.’ check my blog to give your opinion on a name for my Flair.
    mary-pat sherman´s last blog post ..Fleetwood Flair Names …..

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Mary-Pat,

      I may not be too far ahead of your schedule. I plan to take it slow and want to spend some time in a couple of places along the way if it’s not too hot. I’m looking forward to cool ocean breezes! 🙂


  2. Gay and Joe UNITED STATES says:

    I know you are getting excited! Planning and packing was always fun to me! Kindda like waiting for Christmas when I was growing up! We have not been to Oregon, so will be waiting for pictures and posts! It is on the ” to go to places” for next year…maybe!

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Gay and Joe,

      I just love Oregon. If I hadn’t made “the move” in 1996 from Indiana to New Mexico I would seriously consider relocating. However, I think the rain would get to me after awhile. It’s wonderful in the summer though! You should put it on your list and just drive up the coast – it’s amazing.


  3. Gaelyn says:

    Oregon sounds like a great plan. Haven’t been up that way in 7 years. If it weren’t for working I’d follow along.
    Gaelyn´s last blog post ..The Yarnell Hill Fire: some losses should never happen

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Gaelyn,

      I’m going for the ocean breezes and the cool climate. Hey, I wish you weren’t working – it would be fun! 🙂


  4. Love the planning and traveling, we packed our coach almost 8 years ago and just keep on moving every couple weeks. Hope someday to get to Oregon.
    Back to the south west states this winter for sure.
    George & Suzie´s last blog post ..Monday and another awesome day, nice and quiet after the weekend.

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi George & Suzie,

      Yep, there’s something about that initial excitement that can’t be beat! I choose the Oregon Coast because I need somewhere that doesn’t get over 100 degrees for three months! 😉

      I’m looking forward to wintering the “RV crowd” this winter too!


  5. cozygirl says:

    Target sends goods to Goodwill…now that’s one sweet combined shopping experience. The Garmin will sure come in handy!

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Cozy,

      I’m sure that Target gets a donation tax write-off, but it’s a good thing for me! I uploaded extra POI’s to the device – like all the Moose Lodges in the United States. 🙂


      • cozygirl says:

        We joined up with the Elks…wish we could have gotten into a Moose too. Makes for some nice in between stops I’m hoping. Reminds me I need to update my Garmin…

      • Desert Diva says:

        I’d like to join the Elks, but you have to be recommended and it’s a long process with an initiation. A friend of mine recommended me to the Moose, but she just had to sign the form and I paid my money. I was in! 🙂

  6. Contessa CANADA says:

    You are packed and have a D Day. Life is just about perfect.

    Never had ants in my pants but Carmeh got swarmed by red ants in Texas once. Poor puppy, she suffered so much.
    Contessa´s last blog post ..Bit of a set back

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Contessa,

      Yep, I’m “almost” on my way. While life isn’t always “perfect,” it certainly is what one makes of it. Poor Carmeh – those fire ants when they bite pack a wallop!

      I think of you often and hope you’re feeling better with each passing day…


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