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Are you a “Rolling Stone?”

Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL.


Looking Back...

I don’t know what it is about travel that delights and surprises me.  I’m always happiest it seems when I’m away from my “stick home” on my way to a new adventure.

It wasn’t always that way…

In my early thirties, I was consumed with being successful.  I had gone back to school full-time to get a master’s degree in Special Education.  I had taken a “crazy class load,” so as not to exhaust my savings and get my degree as soon as possible.  Taking my last class in a summer session, I broke my right wrist (for the first time).  The wrist healed, I got a job, and thought all was well.  The short story is that the stress caught up with me and I began to have anxiety (panic) attacks.

I came very close to being agoraphobic

Yes, I eventually recovered.  However, I felt “cheated” for the time that I had lost being afraid to venture out as a result of the panic disorder.

So, I bought a used RV and started traveling during my school vacations…

I was “hungry for the road” and a sense of adventure sent me searching for books on travel experiences.  There are many books regarding “those who travel” that inspire me on my journeys and road trips.

These are my favorite three, and I have to admit that I’m somewhat “nostalgic” and always carry them with me in my little RV “library.”

 Travels with Charley photo travelswithcharley_zpsc433c56c.jpg Blue Highways photo bluehighways_zps54f8f432.jpg American Nomads photo americannomads_zps0933c75d.jpg

(Click on the book cover for a paper/Kindle copy on

I have to say that I identify the most with Richard Grant and his book American Nomads and later BBC documentary.


So what is the attraction of traveling?

I suppose it means many things to many people.  In his book “Blue Highways” William “Least Heat” Moon was going through a divorce and his teaching contract wasn’t going to be renewed.  His “rational” for his travels make as much sense as any other reason:

“A man who couldn’t make things go right could at least go.  He could quite trying to get out of the way of life. 
Chuck routine.  Live the real jeopardy of circumstance.  It was a question of dignity.” 

Whatever your reason…

The Road to You...

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.




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23 Replies to Desert Diva to “Are you a “Rolling Stone?””

  1. Lynda UNITED STATES says:

    We are definitely rolling stones with very little prompting needed. We are also aware that as age advances and the economy dictates common sense in traveling expenses, we need to react accordingly. Well, to a point. There is still a lot to do and we need to get on with it. The lingering question is where will we finally settle…and when!
    Lynda´s last blog post ..Getting back to normal…

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Lynda,

      I “like” being a rolling stone! 😉 Yes, there are lots of places to go and experience. Hope you and your hubby are having fun this summer!


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  3. Merikay UNITED STATES says:

    We will soon find out! The best thing about RV travel is you take your home with you. I think we all have an emotional “home base.” Somewhere where our loved ones are or where we grew up. We may never go there, but it exists in our hearts.

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Merikay,

      You’re exactly right! When you RV you not only take your home with you, but also your heart. I will never forget my “birth home” of Indianapolis, Indiana, but like my siblings that ventured out (three others) I had to see what other places had to offer.


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  5. Hi Cheryl:
    I’d read “Travels with Charley” so very many years ago; so I clicked on all three – they’re on their way. Watching Richard Grant I find myself pondering exactly what is the greatest attraction for me in this upcoming North American tour. I think, for me, it’s mostly p-e-o-p-l-e. I love meeting new people, different people, interesting people, young people, old people – everybody has something to offer in the way of their life experiences.
    I certainly like new horizons and scenery and this great country of ours has so much to offer. When I try to describe my country to people who’ve never been here, it’s a big complicated proposition – there is just so much to see, experience and learn.
    If I get just a few ideas from the three books it’s worth it. Can’t wait to read them.
    mary-pat sherman´s last blog post ..Miss Flair’s New Back-up Camera

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Mary-Pat,

      I guess I’m big on “nostalgia.” I love all the books I placed in the post, and hope you enjoy them too!

      When I was “chomping at the bit” waiting to retire, I would read and/or watch “American Nomads” several times a week and just dream. I find I’m somewhat of a different person on the road. I’m more “open” and apt to engage in conversation with complete strangers!

      There’s a segment in the “American Nomads” documentary where Richard Grant is in Nevada camping along (OK, the film crew can’t be far away) and sees a herd of wild horses. The beauty of the area and the magical moment make me want to cry…


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  7. As a kid I hated the cold, damp and wet Canadian winter and dreamed of someday exploring the warm south during the winter months.
    Back in 2006 we sold it all moved into our coach and have been a rolling stone ever since. Just love the life style, after a couple weeks in one place time to move on, even if we come back later.
    George & Suzie´s last blog post ..Love rainy days Camping!

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi George and Suzie,

      I moved to the Desert Southwest in 1996 from Indianapolis, Indiana. Indy is a nice town with a lot to offer, but I tired of what I called the “nuclear winters” – days upon days of cloudy and overcast skies. The weather was always unpredictable with snowstorms in the winter, and extreme humidity heat in the summer.

      Like you, I have my favorite places to visit. However, it makes it special to just stay for a short time and come back again.

      Happy Trails!

  8. Donna Weibel UNITED STATES says:

    I inherited my wunderlust from my Dad. Because of a growing family and economics he left home at 14 and wandered the countryside. Broke horses in Texas for a while and then traveled on. I’ve often thought wouldnt it be nice if we could all ‘retire’ when we are young and vigorous and then join the work place when we are older and wiser and realized doing a good job was enough. That we did not have chase that brass ring so hard we hurt ourselves mentally and physically.

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Donna,

      You’re exactly right – we have retirement backwards! I did have the good fortune (and insight) to travel to Europe in my younger days. I’ll never regret that experience.

      Your Dad sounds like an amazing person!


  9. Gaelyn says:

    The road has called my name for over 30 years, and I followed. Great book selection. Must be time to get out there.
    Gaelyn´s last blog post ..The Yarnell Hill Fire: some losses should never happen

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Gaelyn,

      Thanks! I love all those books. I recently replaced “Blue Highways” after I had given my original away to another traveler. It IS time to get out there – just waiting on the “green flag” on my eye…


  10. Dave UNITED STATES says:

    Rolling Stoned? Not since the ’70’s! Oh, that’s not what you’re talking about, never mind….lol

    Yep, I think I am. Traveled through 47 states before I even starting hitting the road with an RV…think I get it from my parents who would load the five of us up and take off. (Yes, I can do the math, 3 brothers, 2 sisters and myself, all still living, is not 5 — one sister was adopted as a child, and her sister was adopted as an adult, un-offically, still a full sister as far as we are concern.) I don’t fly, have flown before, but not since early 2000’s. Never liked it, never will, never will drive in all 50 states, but plan to drive in 49 and through most of Canada. That’s a lot of rolling down the road, that’s for sure. — Dave
    Dave´s last blog post ..North is South, South is North – We must be going East

    • Desert Diva says:

      You’ve covered some major road!

      Like you, I don’t care for air travel. The last time I flew it was out of Dulles Airport the month before 9/11. The flight was bumpy all the way, and once I connected the tragedy with the airport I was done. I haven’t flown since.

      Happy Travels! 🙂

  11. Ed UNITED STATES says:

    I would guess that I’m a Rolling Stone. Have driven through all the ‘Lower 48’ and bicycled through a lot of them also. Have visited 5 of the continents and bicycled in 4 of them. Have lived for 6 months or more in 4 countries on 3 different continents outside the USA. It is only for the last 3+ years that I have adopted a RV and my apartment with wheels and ‘roll’ as a Fulltimer.

  12. Lynn says:

    I am definitely a Rolling Stone. There is nothing I like better then packing my bags and planning where in the world I want to go next. It makes me feel like a kid again to just take the essentials and hit the road. I don’t have my RV/travel trailer yet, still at the deciding stage but am taking off again in October for 3 weeks. I have finally reached a point in my life that my schedule is completely my own to come and go as I please. I do have to admit though, I love coming home too so I guess that makes me think – I have the best of both worlds.
    Lynn´s last blog post ..RV School – Part 2 – A class about gas