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Disco Earworm?

Daily Prompt:  Earworm

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INSPIRATION.

I danced with these shoes once!

What’s an earworm? 

An earworm is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind after it is no longer playing.  Phrases used to describe an earworm include musical imagery repetition, involuntary musical imagery, and stuck song syndrome.   The word earworm is a calque from the German Ohrwurm.

A few weeks ago I was at an outdoor concert here in Las Cruces.  There were two bands that played – the first was 24/7 (the sax player is my RV repair guy) and the other was Phat Soul.  Phat Soul is comprised of former studio musicians, and they opened with “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.”


The song reminded me of days long ago when I had a secret life.  OK, it wasn’t so secret.  Would you like to hear my confession?

Lean closer…

I was a former “Disco Queen.”

When I was in my mid-twenties, the Catholic school where I had my very first teaching job closed.  Jobs were tight in education then, and I had five “out years” with the government in Indianapolis, Indiana.   I was bored with my daytime “gig,” so I would go out dancing three to four nights a week.  Recently, I connected on Facebook with one of my uh, “former dance partners” Josh.  What a small world!

Where does a lifetime go? 

I’ve sampled all forms of dance – from country western to Argentine Tango (my current passion).

So, with my gearing up to travel for the summer I’ve had this “earworm” of the above song.  Somehow it seems appropriate…

“Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
We’re on the move!
Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
We’ve got the groove!

There’s been so many things that’s held us down.
But now it looks like things are finally comin’ around.
I know we’ve got, a long long way to go,
and where we’ll end up, I don’t know.
But we won’t let nothin’ hold us back,
we’re putting ourselves together,
we’re polishing up our act!
If you felt we’ve been held down before,
I know you’ll refuse to be held down anymore!

Don’t you let nothing, nothing,
Stand in your way!
I want ya’ll to listen, listen,
to every word I say, every word I say!”

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14 Replies to Desert Diva to “Disco Earworm?”

  1. Paul Dahl says:

    Thanks a lot! Now that song will be going through my head all night as I try to sleep… ;c)

    I’m of child of the disco generation and if someone accuses me of it, I’ll deny it. :cD
    Paul Dahl´s last blog post ..Road Test

  2. Hi Cheryl:
    How long is your RV junket this year? How much do you normally live in the RV in the span of a year? How many years have you been vagabonding? How old is Cali? My dog’s name if Lacy; she’s three; but is very late in putting on any poundage. A Standard Poodle that only weights about 27 pounds!
    mary-pat sherman´s last blog post ..Am I Doing the “Right Thing?”

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Mary-Pat,

      Once I “get it together” and leave I plan to continue to travel until the first of October. So, far I’d say a guesstimate is approximately 120 a year. Like you I want to get a larger rig and that will certainly extend my time on the road.

      My Cali girl is eleven! She’s showing some small signs of aging, but she still thinks she’s a puppy! I can’t believe that Lacy weigh in at 27 pounds – Cali is 30. Cali is a terrier-mix from a humane society adopted at six-weeks. She’s probably mixed with a standard poodle since she had poodle like hair and doesn’t shed. She’s actually at the groomer this morning!

      How are your travel preparations going?


  3. I made it thru the disco days too, sure did have a lot of fun.
    Nice shoes!
    George & Suzie´s last blog post ..Happy Anniversary to us!! 20 years we did it and still having fun!!!!

  4. mark johnson UNITED STATES says:

    Long live Donna Summer! (Oops)
    Box Canyon Mark :weep:
    mark johnson´s last blog post ..Blue Lakes and Flowers In the Shadow of Mount Sneffels

  5. Sandie UNITED STATES says:

    If you’re going to have a song stuck – that’s definitely a good one to have. I lived through the disco scene also but I sure never had any shoes like yours.

  6. I emailed this this morning but it came back undeliverable so here it is again……

    Hi Cheryl:
    After reading that Cali is at the groomer’s today, I decided to make an
    appointment for Lacy to get one GOOD grooming before I completely take over
    the task while on the road. I’ve bought all the clippers and utensils over
    the last year or so; but, because it had been so long since her last good
    grooming and I attempted my first Poodle-cut last month, it would be nice
    to see how she should really look – and then try to keep it up.
    Martin, the groomer I take her to here in Roseville, is actually the person
    who bought her for me. Before I left for Perú three years ago, I mentioned
    to him that I was ‘in the market’ for a small Standard Poodle, any color
    but white. When I got back, he said, “I hope you were serious because I’ve
    made a deposit on a puppy!” Martin is a Standard Poodle handler and knows
    all the breeders in California. Lacy is a particularly small Standard,
    just making the 21″ floor to shoulder measurement in order to be designated
    a Standard. I’ve never had any intention of ‘showing’ her but she is a
    beautiful dog and has a great personality, albeit very dependent on me.
    She HATES to be left alone in the house, car or RV; probably hating the RV
    less than the other two places!
    Got to run – lots of little errands to do today.
    mary-pat sherman´s last blog post ..“Change of Life – Style” … Update

    • Desert Diva says:

      Hi Mary-Pat,

      I’ll bet Lacy is a beautiful girl. Cali doesn’t like it when I leave, but for some reason tolerates the RV better than the house. I hope you get your errands all completed!


  7. cozygirl says:

    Earworm…funny. I heard if you sing a different tune in your head it goes away. Worked for me. DISCO queen…oh gheez I love to dance. My partner’s days are done for that…but if we ever pass in the night…you owe me a dance :O)