Saturday * May 21st 2022

WordPress Friday Photo Challenge – “Letters”


For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. As you look through your lens, think about how your image might convey something bigger: a snapshot of how we communicate with one another, even if we don’t speak the same language.


John Clairmont is a member of my RV club.  I was on my way home from summer travels and I was invited to his 85th birthday shindig in Show Low, Arizona.  Of course I went!  🙂  There was lots of food and drink, and upon entering the area there was THIS life-sized cardboard figure of John courtesy of his daughter.

During his retirement he’s decided to become a professional prankster.  Once, when with a group in Moab, Utah he put out a “fabricated” electric hook-up beside his RV.  I was shaking my head thinking “there’s no hookups here – are there?”  He’s also famous for putting (and dressing up in a racy fashion) a female mannequin in the drivers’ seat of his Class A RV when he parks with a group.  Two words – black lace!

John’s still “looking good” and will be 87 this coming September!  🙂


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6 Replies to Desert Diva to “WordPress Friday Photo Challenge – “Letters””

  1. Lynda UNITED STATES says:

    Awesome! Great story….
    Lynda´s last blog post ..Easter was a blast!

  2. Contessa CANADA says:

    I would say that you met the Friday photo challenge perfectly! John sounds like a very fun person to have around.
    Contessa´s last blog post ..I did it !!!!!

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Contessa,

      Yes, John’s a hoot and truly a nice guy to boot! When I’m his age, I hope I still have his sense of humor and love of life…

      Best wishes,

  3. mary-pat sherman says:

    Congratulations, John. Looks like a man after my own heart. It’s great to get older as long as one feels good. I’m a big proponent of quality vs. quantity of life.
    Our family just lost our grand old dad, grandfather and great-grandfather, Spence. It’s a sad time, but all who knew him agree that he lived a very full life and left us at 99 and 5 months. It was only the last month that his body just couldn’t sustain his in-tact mind. We’ll miss him but have such wonderful memories to carry us forward in our lives. Spence, and his girlfriend, traveled between homes in Bremerton, Washington and Red Bluff, California every couple of months, up to the end of 2013. And, he played golf until about 3 years ago. What a life!