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WordPress Photo Challenge – “Twist”

WordPress Photo Challenge – “Twist

“Twist” is filthy with meaning: it’s the unexpected, it’s surprise, it’s even an amazing ice cream choice. What does “twist” mean to you?

The word “twist” conjures up many thoughts.  What happens to one’s life when confronted by a “twist of fate.”  Then, there’s the more literal meaning of twist(ed) – something changed and scarred forever.

The South Canyon Fire was a 1994 wildfire that took the lives of 14 wild-land firefighters on Storm King Mountain, near Glenwood Springs, Colorado on July 6th, 1994.

On July 2, 1994, lightning sparked a fire near the base of Storm King Mountain, west of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. On July 5th firefighters began their approach from the west at the east end of Canyon Creek Estates, making a difficult march up the rugged terrain along what is the present location of the Storm King Mountain Memorial Trail. Firefighters began constructing firelines to contain the blaze. The fight was joined that evening by smokejumpers who began aiding in the construction of the fireline, working well on into the night of July 5 but quitting early due to “danger from rolling rocks”.

The following day twenty Hotshots from Prineville, Oregon were rushed to the fire to aid in the battle.  In a “twist of fate” that afternoon a dry cold front passed through the area, increasing the winds and fire activity. By 4 p.m. the fire had “spotted” beyond the fireline and below the firefighter’s location to the west and began to race up the steep, densely vegetated terrain towards them.  Twelve firefighters were unable to outrun the blaze and perished. Two more helitack firefighters were also killed as they tried to flee to the northwest.

I hiked this path two years ago on the anniversary of the tragedy.  I was humbled by groups of “hotshots” also hiking the path in memory of their fallen brothers and sisters.  The landscape still bears the scars of “twisted” trees caught in the path of destruction.

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  1. Noortje NETHERLANDS says:

    What a terrible tragedy… but some beautiful pictures!

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Noortje,

      It was a terrible tragedy, but hopefully people realize the extreme sacrifice that those who fought the fire made…

      Best wishes,

  2. janet UNITED STATES says:

    Lovely photos from a terrible situation.

    janet´s last blog post ..Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Janet,

      It was indeed a moving and somber day to hike the same trail as the fallen firefighters…

      Best wishes,

  3. Bob says:

    Moving post!

  4. Lynda UNITED STATES says:

    Life cycles; twists and turns… good post and photos.
    Lynda´s last blog post ..Petaluma, a small city with a big personality…

    • Desert Diva UNITED STATES says:

      Hi Lynda,

      Yes, life DOES have it’s twists and turns. All we can do is “go with the flow” and trust in a greater plan than ourselves…

      Best wishes,

  5. Contessa CANADA says:

    Another great post with moving photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Contessa´s last blog post ..Que pasa

  6. Connie Hanks says:

    Stunning images – thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful hike and remembrance of the fallen heroes.
    Connie Hanks´s last blog post ..Twist // Blue Spin {Photo Challenge}


    I remember this fire who could not, just as the one fought last year and the loss of lives then,

    Great post and great photos of the scene.

  8. Welcome to our FB group. Your photography is lovely and this post in particular they project the solemn tragedy in a moving way.
    alison @GreenWithRenvy´s last blog post ..Armchair Travel No. 9