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Beach Lessons…

sunsetseaofcortezLife in Mexico…

I think if one is fortunate enough, all of the troubles and worries can temporarily fall to the side and allow us to transcend into the “natural world.”  People that know me well know that I’m not a “calm” person – anxiety is pretty much a constant unwelcome companion for me.  However, in the short time I’ve been here I’m “slowly but surely” feeling the layers of worry shed like the dried out skin of a snake.

We did have a couple of rain/wind storms that were somewhat unsettling, and not every day here has been sunny and warm.

Beach Front Bingo

Being right on the beach is lovely, but sometimes it’s a major PITA.  Every time someone leaves, there’s a scramble for someone to fill the space.  The beach doesn’t belong to me, but it would certainly help if the spaces were marked out.  Sometimes it’s difficult to live in close proximity to someone – especially if they like to run their generator several hours a day, etc…  When I first arrived I got all set up into a spot and then the guy one one side of me actually told me to more over one or two feet because there was more room on the other side.  Obviously, it didn’t matter that I had spend copious energy and time backing and and leveling my RV.  He had PLENTY of room, but just wanted MORE.  *sigh*

People say they want to move into a space, then change their minds.  I’ll leave you to imagine what a clusterf*ck that creates.  The other evening a woman dress to the nines and hauling around three dogs came and asked about the space between my RV and my Canadian friends.  (Originally, my friends were going to move over but changed their minds.)  I told her the spot was taken, but she obviously didn’t like my answer and came BACK.

Sorry folks, but I’m not going to sugar coat/sweet talk someone who asks the same question repeatedly.  Of course, she reverted to the “you’re being rude” card.  So, I succinctly told her if she felt that way she could certainly leave my space and go back down the beach.  In my thirty years of my career in education, I had to take a myriad of abuse from administration, parents, and even students.  Trust me, I’ve been called everything but a “white woman.”  Sorry, that was a rant.

Run for the Border…

I’m planning on making a quick trip to Las Cruces in my Honda CR-V.  It’s a little unnerving because of the current gas deregulation in Mexico and subsequent protests.  The border crossing at Lukeville has had on and off protests with traffic blocking.

Why go?  Well, I miscalculated the amount of food Cali would need and had more shipped to my house.  I’m also picking up some items (Wi-Fi extender) that I ordered from, picking up my prescription eyeglasses that didn’t arrive before I left (but are now in), and taking Cali to the vet.  She’s actually doing quite well, but the only problem is she’s limping due to her osteoarthritis.  Since she’s on the Prednisone step down, she can’t take Rimadyl (and I no longer want her to take it with her kidney issues).  I’m going to see if she can get an injection of Adequan (not offered here in Mexico) and a supply for a local vet to inject.

Setting Boundaries…

I’m not sure if it’s by choice, but I’m actually somewhat of a loner.  I like spending time with other people, but solitude has never frightened me.  I like going for long beach walks by myself.  Last night I was quite happy to cook dinner, have a couple of cervazas, and watch “The Martian” while snuggling with Cali.

Living in such close proximity with others you don’t know well is sometimes challenging.  I’m not naive to think that everyone will get along 100% of the time – life just isn’t like that.   When I feel/perceive tension, I tend to withdraw.  I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

Finding My Bliss…

The beach is a good place to think and recover your soul.  It seems that all of my life I’ve been putting myself in second place concerning what “I” want.  Therefore, I need to re-focus on my desires/needs and if it coincides with the plans of others that’s great.   If not, well…

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4 Replies to Desert Diva to “Beach Lessons…”

  1. Contessa says:

    Would love some photos of your site and the proximity to the neighbors. We also do our own thing here on the beach but it takes a bit to keep saying no to all the happy hours.

    Carmeh is not doing well so we swtiched to only chicken and rice today. Hopefully it will help.
    Contessa´s last blog post ..Doing some catch up

  2. Lisa says:

    I’d love to see photos of where you’re staying!

    So glad to hear Cali is doing well. 🙂

  3. George Yates says:

    You are enjoying the beach there travel safe on the way home and back and keep having too much fun.

  4. Dave Burdick CANADA says:

    Love that picture. Just wondering how long it takes you to drive your car back home from where you are at? After all my troubles getting into Canada this past year, I don’t know if I would leave my RV in another country…but Mexico is way more lax than Canada was. Hope your friends can keep people away from parking in what little room you have between the two of you. Ran into that same problem up in Washington at South Beach. Lady had a small class B, and wanted more room than our 28′ class C ended up taking…and like where you are, no lines to mark the boundary of each site.

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