Thursday * March 4th 2021

Where in the World is Desert Diva?

It’s been a “stay at home” summer…

I had fully intended on traveling in my RV “Milagro” this summer, but extreme heat in various locations, fires from Canada, and a lack of enthusiasm regarding where to go figured into finally deciding to stay at home in Las Cruces until autumn.

Actually, it’s been quite pleasant here (except for home repair tasks) and I’ve also been nurturing my rescue malti-poo Luna.  She’s settled in nicely, and every day I feel our mutual bond grows.  Although I’ll always love (and miss) Cali, adopting Luna was the right decision for me.

Ugh – home repairs and upkeep…

Earlier this summer, I noticed a water seam and a popped bubble exposing wood in my ceiling.  Long story short, I have major stucco deterioration in what’s called the parapet.  There’s also some other cosmetic exterior stucco deterioration.  While the roof looks “OK” – it’s difficult to tell where the exact leak is, as it could be traveling from the deteriorated stucco parapet.

I contacted my home insurance, and an adjuster came out.  His determination is that the damage is due to age, and not “an act of nature.”  Therefore, it looks like I’m going to be responsible for the “outside” damage, and my insurance will cover the “inside” damage.

At any rate, I’ve contacted a company and my stucco is going to be repaired (and painted as close to the natural color as possible), and I’m going to have an elastometric roof coating applied.

We’re currently in what we call the “monsoon season” in Las Cruces.  Almost all of the precipitation we get for an entire year (approximately 12 inches), comes during July and August in heavy rains.

The weeds have taken on a life of their own, and it seems no matter what I do (pulling and/or spraying with a vinegar, salt, and Dawn dish soap mixture) it’s a constant battle.  Ah, the little joys of home ownership!

A new “hobby”…

Learning something new is always fun, even though sometimes there’s a significant “learning curve” involved.  I’ve decided that I wanted to learn how to shoot and edit video, and upload the results to a YouTube channel.

My new channel is called Desert Diva, and my primary goal is to record my travels in my Lazy Daze (when I start traveling again).  So far, I’ve started out using one of my older Canon PowerShot cameras, a new (but older model) Canon Vixia camcorder I bought on e-Bay for $100.00, and Corel VideoStudio X9 that I also bought on e-Bay for only $20.00.

My first video attempt was shooting in my neighborhood while walking Luna:

My second video was last Saturday at the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market:

If you’re so inclined, take a look, leave a comment, and even maybe subscribe!

It’s been a different summer, but all in all quite lovely…

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2 Replies to Desert Diva to “Where in the World is Desert Diva?”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice the hear from you again.
    Yes the joys of home ownership, but that is stuff that needs to be done, good luck with that.
    With very limited expensive bandwidth, videos are not and option for us. I am sure that are wonderful though.

  2. Jo Harmon UNITED STATES says:

    Yes it was another stay at home summer for me too. I had every thing loaded up but just never left. An I too had house repairs to do and still have more to go.

    I liked your videos nice hobby and I’m sure when you travel they will be fun to do and for us to watch.