Thursday * March 4th 2021

Mystical Rant…


Yes, this is going to be a “rant” – you’ve been forewarned…

Recently, someone I knew previously from a “dysfunctional” RV singles group suddenly passed away.  He had since left the RV group too, and had recently re-married.  Needless to say, I was saddened and stunned by the news.

Since I knew that he was good friends at one time with another person, blogger, a$$hat who is still a member of the aforementioned RV group I went to read his eulogy about his friend.  (I left a comment saying it was sad that no other person in the RV group mentioned his passing, but he deleted it.)

Just to make sure it my “my comment” he deleted (he did), I revisited the site and found a post touting a “self-proclaimed mystic” who decided to exit this “spiritual plane.”

That’s not what he did – he committed SUICIDE…

This blogger was having some health and related pain issues.  However, he said so himself in his final post that they could probably be alleviated with proper medical care/surgery.

It makes me *angry* that this person threw his life away and I’m reading comments glorifying his action.  Human life is precious and sacred, and he obviously devalued it.  I think about my late father, and remember his words about how he wanted to live, see his children grow up, etc…

The person left the Google map coordinates of where he could be found.  Sure enough, someone comments that indeed law enforcement visited the location and found the body.

I hope some “rational” human being related to this person (or the blogging platform) take down his website.  In my opinion, there is no “honor” in what this person did, and hopefully fragile people won’t copy-cat his actions.

Although “nothing human is alien to me,” I find this all disgusting and a proverbial “slap-in-the-face” for everyone who is currently fighting for their life.

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