Friday * March 22nd 2019

Foot “Mystery” Resolved…

I keep delaying my “Escape from Dodge.”

We’ve gotten “a bit of rain” here lately in Southern New Mexico and I was dismayed to see a significant amount of water leaking from the fire alarm in the hallway near my guest bathroom.  As many of you know, I stayed home all last summer and had the parapet on my roof repaired, along with stucco, and then the whole roof got an elastomeric coating.  The company came out the next day and re-did the seams and found a three-inch area that had been overlooked.  Hopefully, I won’t need to brink my kayak indoors.

The “foot” issue…

Originally, I tried to get an appointment with a podiatrist to examine my foot.  However, the wait as a “new patient” was long so I went to an orthopedic doctor (actually saw a nurse practitioner) and got x-rays (nothing broken) and a cortisone shot.  My foot is much improved, but I still notice it when I walk.  Even though I’m not limping, and the swelling is significantly lowered I felt I needed to know “why” so I didn’t do anything to damage my foot any further.

Luckily, I “Google Searched” and found a podiatrist with good reviews and got a same day appointment.  I was ushered into the exam room where I instantly freaked out at a rack of “ugly old people shoes.”

The doctor was super nice and a former golf “wanna-be.”  He told me he became a podiatrist because he thought he should “grow up and get a real job.”  He examined my foot and showed me a bony rise in his hand/wrist due to developing osteoarthritis from golfing.  Then he said…

You have mid-foot osteoarthritis.

He said there were probably several contributing factors as age, genetics, and my unusually high arches.  However, I “was” relieved when he said I didn’t have to wear any of the shoes on display in his office.  He gave me a pair of insoles for my hiking/walking shoes and told me the following:

  1. Shoes with a “rocker sole” will help to not put pressure on the mid-foot “causing it to “roll” and not “bend” irritating the joint.  (Remember the old Skecher “Shape Up” shoes? – I found a pair of sandals in the depths of my closet, and a actually have a pair of Teva light hiking shoes with a rocker sole.)
  2. Birkenstocks are good to wear as they support my high arches.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can help reduce inflammation and swelling as needed.
  4. Ice packs at the end of the day.
  5. Cortisone injections if the pain is severe.  (Hopefully, I’ll be good for a while as I had one a couple of weeks ago.)

Ah, the joys of aging…

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One Reply to Desert Diva to “Foot “Mystery” Resolved…”

  1. Aging brings a lot of aches and pains that we never experienced when we were younger. Not until you experience Foot Pain do you learn just how much Work your feet actually do in a day. It is a very intricate mechanism that is an engineering marvel. Glad you are taking care of that important part of you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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