Tuesday * April 20th 2021

Missing in Action – Chronic Pain Issues

It’s easier to vlog this than to blog:

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  1. My bone density test showed I was borderline to extreme osteoporosis. My doctor said to do weight bearing exercises since I had hip pain. So I walked at least 3 miles a day…1.5 in morning and 1.5 in evening. The following year my bone density show marked improvement and I didn’t have to go on medication. Three years later, I had knee pain. I couldn’t walk like I use to but continued to walk using a trekking pole. Three years later, I can walk fast without using a trekking pole. My grandma walked everywhere at 90 years old and she occasionally complained of knee pain which I can understand at her age. I strongly believe we are too sedentary and should be walking more. Try walking.

  2. First of all, you look truly lovely.

    Have you checked if you are bone on bone? Are you taking at least 2000IU of Vitamin D per day as well as 1200mg of elemental calcium, that means derived from food sources? Weight bearing exercises will help.

    I have also chosen wine as my drug of choice, even when I had my hips replaced. I was weaning myself off the drugs after a week. After wine is merely grapes, a wonderful fruit.

    Hugs and more hugs. Hang in there my dear friend. Email me if you want to talk more.

  3. Contessa Jewall CANADA says:

    Just wanted to add, that MRI’s terrify me but they are a wonderful test that give very important results. I took three anti anxiety pills to get thru it as I am extremely claustrophobic. However it was worth it to learn that I did not have breast cancer.

    You are a very courageous, strong and intelligent lady and you have over the years been through a lot. This is just one more hurdle to get over. I know that you can do it.

    More hugs,