Saturday * May 21st 2022

Not the Diagnosis I Wanted…

As many of you know, I’m more apt to give information in the form of a YouTube video than writing a blog post and including pictures.  I’ve struggled with back/hip pain since mid-March and like a circus monkey have jumped through hoops of my insurance, Physical Therapy, having x-rays and MRI’s, and being shuffled to various doctors.

If you watch this video, I would ask that you go to my YouTube site and leave a comment and subscribe to my channel there.

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2 Replies to Desert Diva to “Not the Diagnosis I Wanted…”

  1. Jean CANADA says:

    Hey Cheryl

    Know you are in pain and feeling down. The pain is the worst but know that you will feel better and you will dance again. I think you are doing the right thing by moving to Deming. Being around people who care is the best medicine Hang in there!

  2. Enjay says:

    Have you thought about getting a second opinion? It’s not that you do not have the correct diagnosis, but it’s that you need to wait so long for some corrective surgery. I get that insurance is a problem, but you need some helpful advice regarding how to deal with this pain now. Thus, it might be helpful for you to get a second opinion regarding your pain and possibly with how to get surgery sooner. I know from my mother’s tenure in Roswell that there are such things as senior ombudsmen. This person is a spokesperson and advocate for seniors in bureaucratic matters and helped us get my mother some home/health care that would otherwise not have been in our power to locate. Also, can you get to a bigger city (El Paso?) where such second opinions might be more available than in smaller Las Cruces.
    As to your worries about surgery, don’t sweat this surgery. My husband and two friends all underwent hip replacements and they ALL say their pain was instantly gone the minute they woke up from surgery. (Of course, there was the incision pain later, but it was nothing like the former bone-on-bone pain beforehand.) And finally, ask your doctor if there is a pain management doctor in Las Cruces. Lacking that, an accupuncturist might also be helpful. It’s NOT junk medicine. It works) Good thoughts for you as you move through this pain and beyond.