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Remember Me?

Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to blog when I’m “on the road.” I guess I’m not very disciplined when when there are other things “vying for my attention.”  However, I’m glad I had the experiences I did this past summer.  I learned a lot about myself, what I want (and don’t want), and what I […]

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Moments of Grace…

OK, I’m relaxing after cleaning seven (7) Yurts today.  I’m doing my laundry and having a margarita.  It’s amazing to me, that I still “feel and learn” about life. Let me explain… A woman came to visit the Hospitality Center at South Beach State Park the other day.  She once was a camp host, but […]

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Point of Peace…

I’m not very disciplined at all… Every day, I try to find a middle space – a place where I feel calm and at peace.  The little birds flutter around the feeders in my backyard at twilight.  They don’t like feeding in the full sun, but become active as the day is done and the […]

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Project Sunday…

Every so often, it’s good to catch up on things.  So, today as part of Memorial Day Weekend I did just that.  I puttered here, and I puttered there and enjoyed a somewhat lazy and relaxing day. I’ve become somewhat fascinated with birds lately, and have put out some wild bird feeders in my backyard.  […]

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OK, well at least TRY not to give up… First things first… Thanks everyone for not labeling me a raving lunatic.  I just had a bad day, and although today had some “challenges,” hearing from kind hearts helped me look at things differently.  So, I thank you for that… In the last month I’ve had […]

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