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Doing the Right Thing…

All of my life, I’ve struggled to do the “right thing…” The older I become, I find that I instinctively know what the “right thing” is – at least for me.  I find that I’m able to weed out the false from true, and stand firmer in my beliefs.  However, this post isn’t about “right […]

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Mystical Rant…

Yes, this is going to be a “rant” – you’ve been forewarned… Recently, someone I knew previously from a “dysfunctional” RV singles group suddenly passed away.  He had since left the RV group too, and had recently re-married.  Needless to say, I was saddened and stunned by the news. Since I knew that he was […]

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A Message from the Heart…

Rio Grande – Truth or Consequences, NM It seems that I’ve always limited myself by what I feel that I SHOULD do, as opposed to what is my “heart’s desire.” After a summer of travel, I’m home again in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I’m fortunate.  I have a very comfortable town-home, that I’m actually going […]

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Remember Me?

Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to blog when I’m “on the road.” I guess I’m not very disciplined when when there are other things “vying for my attention.”  However, I’m glad I had the experiences I did this past summer.  I learned a lot about myself, what I want (and don’t want), and what I […]

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Moments of Grace…

OK, I’m relaxing after cleaning seven (7) Yurts today.  I’m doing my laundry and having a margarita.  It’s amazing to me, that I still “feel and learn” about life. Let me explain… A woman came to visit the Hospitality Center at South Beach State Park the other day.  She once was a camp host, but […]

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