Friday * July 28th 2017

Introducing Luna…


When I lost Cali, I lost all hope at being “happy.”

I fell into a significant depression, had some “mysterious” aches and pains, and life was mundane.  It helped that I traveled to Texas with some friends for the month of April.  However, once I got home reality set in and my house was empty.

When I travel in my RV, I feel a certain amount of anxiety in anticipation of the trip.  However, after being at home and trying to plan to travel again I am/was “stuck.”  Try as I may, I couldn’t gather up the courage and energy to embark on a journey alone.

Finding meaning in a 4-legged shelter dog…

After losing Cali, I never, ever wanted another dog again.  However, “want” is a key and pivotal word.  Whether I like it or not, I “need” another companion.  Since no handsome “two-legged version” has been beating down my door, I’m somewhat happy with a sweet little girl I rescued from a shelter in El Paso, Texas.

I had originally asked about another dog that I had found on  Howluna01ever, “Trudie” had already been adopted, but a volunteer sent me a text of “Allison.”  Allison was dirty and matted, but something in her eyes told me I needed to find out more about her.

She was scheduled to be groomed the next day, and I traveled to El Paso to take a look at her afterwards.

luna06She’s a pretty girl, but her new “do” is much too “foo-foo” for me.  There’s no way I’d want to spend hours and hours combing her out daily.

So, now every few days I’ve worked on a “specific part” of trimming her down into somewhat of a “puppy cut.”  She has “hair” rather than fur, so that leads me to believe she’s maybe a Havanese/Maltese mix.

However, it really doesn’t matter – she’s already captured my heart…


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