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Desert Diva and Cali
Beverly Beach State ParkNewport, Oregon

It seems that all my life I’ve attempted to keep a journal of sorts. I’ve tried repeatedly, but have never been quite successful. I’ve purchased exotic (and expensive) blank journal books to try and entice myself to write.

It always works for a short while, and then I return to letting my feelings and thoughts “roll around” in my head without expressing them in any manner.

I think that life is certainly a journey and I hope I’m on the “right road.” My technology background has now brought me to this place – an online journal or “weblog.” I won’t always write about myself, but you can be sure that when you see the catagory tag “journal” I have something to say. Right or wrong, I take ownership for my feelings and hope to find my place in the future by reading over my past or “where I’ve been.” I wish everyone a blessed and insightful journey…

Cali is my “spirited” terrier-mix that I adopted from the local humane society. She’s a wonderful traveling companion. My previous dog was a beautiful black chow-chow named Mei-Mei that I lost to canine kidney disease.

I retired in July 2012, and I love to travel in my Toyota Dolphin mini-motorhome Lazy Daze (26.5 mid-bath). I’ve traveled extensively in the United States, but have a love for the Pacific Northwest. My hobbies/interests are varied. I enjoy dancing, cruises, hiking, jewelry making, photography, and reading. However, I feel the “most free” exploring the open road with Cali.

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