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In the Rain…

It’s a rainy day here in Southern New Mexico… Seattle, Washington When I lived in Indianapolis, I used to hate cloudy days and rain.  Indianapolis is one of the cloudiest cities in the United States, and it just plain rains a lot in the mid-west.  However, after moving to Las Cruces I began to see […]

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Getting Ready…

for a proper “Summer Sojourn”… Today is Friday, and I’ve been “puttering” around the house all day.  I’ve been gathering clothes (and shoes) together, as well as other items I feel I might need for an extended stay in my RV.  When I “finally” leave, I plan not to return home until September or even […]

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Point of Peace…

I’m not very disciplined at all… Every day, I try to find a middle space – a place where I feel calm and at peace.  The little birds flutter around the feeders in my backyard at twilight.  They don’t like feeding in the full sun, but become active as the day is done and the […]

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July 4th, Helpful Neighbors, POI and a Bonus!

Sometimes, people ask me “Did you take that photo?” Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no. If you click on the photo itself and it takes you to my Flickr photostream, the answer is “yes.”  I love Flickr because I click on a button in my WordPress dashboard and I can automatically insert the […]

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