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Remember Me?

Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to blog when I’m “on the road.” I guess I’m not very disciplined when when there are other things “vying for my attention.”  However, I’m glad I had the experiences I did this past summer.  I learned a lot about myself, what I want (and don’t want), and what I […]

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Now I know…

why I live in New Mexico… Yaquina Bay Bridge – Newport, Oregon I’m not one for cloudy, misty, overcast days.  Sunless days tend to leave me “flat” and “uninspired.”  When you’re on the Oregon Coast, some days are like that… It’s been almost a month and I’m leaving South Beach State Park on August 31st.  […]

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Did You Know…

that the Greater Roadrunner is the New Mexico State Bird? Couldn’t New Mexico have chosen another bird? Actually, I never thought about it that much before – until what I saw in my backyard this afternoon. Let me “set the scene for you.”  My next door neighbor Marvin is an avid gardener and bird feeder.  […]

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An Evening Stroll…

It’s that time of year… You know – late Spring with the promise of Summer in the air.  Dinner was over, so Cali and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  I’m fortunate to have two parks in my little neighborhood.  One park has a basketball court, and the other a playground with several picnic […]

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Window of Opportunity…

Gee, after a month of so of lollygagging, procrastinating, getting everything in order I’m ready to leave on my “Summer Sojourn.”  However, temperatures in the desert Southwest have reached an all-time high (106 degrees today) for this time of the year so I was trying to wait until it “cools off” to below 100 degrees […]

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