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Funny Noises…

View Full Size Travel Map at Travellerspoint I hear funny noises… I’m preparing to leave for Bend, Oregon tomorrow from Las Cruces.  I have to leave tomorrow, or I won’t be where I need to be on June 26th.  (More about that in a minute…) Due my leaving a day later, I’ll have to drive […]

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In the Rain…

It’s a rainy day here in Southern New Mexico… Seattle, Washington When I lived in Indianapolis, I used to hate cloudy days and rain.  Indianapolis is one of the cloudiest cities in the United States, and it just plain rains a lot in the mid-west.  However, after moving to Las Cruces I began to see […]

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The Unveiling…

I purchased the Lazy Daze in October, but it’s been undergoing a “facelift.”  My new (to me) 1998 Lazy Daze (26.5 mid-bath) Larry Blevins (Larry’s RV and Marine Service) here in Las Cruces did all of the “installs” for me.  (By the way, he’s AMAZING and a nice guy if you ever need any work […]

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It’s Almost Thanksgiving…

and I haven’t posted for quite some time.  (A friend of mine recently pointed that out to me in an e-mail.) Previously, I had wanted to post all about my new RV and show lots of photos.  However, my RV is at my mobile RV guy’s house and he’s been busy installing all of the […]

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Today is the first day of autumn… Somehow, somewhere there’s meaning in the changing of the seasons (and our lives).  It’s not that I hate autumn – on the contrary there are parts of it that I dearly love.  However, there’s always a certain sadness that I feel when the days grow cooler and shorter. […]

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