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Blogger Blues…

Gee, it seems a lot of blogs I come into contact with are having issues with Blogger and Windows LiveWriter. OK, Blogger is kinda busted due to Windows LiveWriter… I really feel for you all.  It’s difficult to use a blogging platform with an extension and have it “work” and then suddenly “poof!”  Everything has […]

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WordPress Photo Challenge – “Work of Art”

WordPress Photo Challenge – “Work of Art“ “Art” isn’t just paintings and sculptures, it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning — even food. Show us a thing, place, or person that’s a work of art to you. Ever since moving to the Southwest, I’ve been fascinated by petroglyphs or rock art.  […]

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The 411 – Comments on Blogs…

I like comments on my blog and commenting on blogs… I feel that commenting on blogs is like developing an online relationship with another person.  When you add a comment to a blog you enter into a cyber relationship with another person that you usually don’t know.  If you’re lucky, someday you might have the […]

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Are you a “Rolling Stone?”

Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”? Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL. ____________________________________________________________________________ I don’t know what it is about travel that delights and surprises me.  I’m always happiest it seems […]

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July 4th, Helpful Neighbors, POI and a Bonus!

Sometimes, people ask me “Did you take that photo?” Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no. If you click on the photo itself and it takes you to my Flickr photostream, the answer is “yes.”  I love Flickr because I click on a button in my WordPress dashboard and I can automatically insert the […]

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